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elegant vision measuring machine factory for medical devices

elegant vision measuring machine factory for medical devices

elegant vision measuring machine factory for medical devices
  • elegant vision measuring machine factory for medical devices
  • elegant vision measuring machine factory for medical devices

elegant vision measuring machine factory for medical devices

Sinowon vision measuring machine is designed with delicate water treating system, ranging from pretreatment, refine filtration, and sterilization process, and all these processes achieve better purification effect. It comes with small holes in the shell
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1. Application of Linear Scales

SG series of Linear Scales are widely used with Sinowon profile projectors, toolmaker microscopes, video measuring machines etc. SG Linear scale has good dynamic performance, great moving speed, and perfect reliability, not only can they meet the requirements of normal shaft dynamic performance, but also the requirements of direct drive equipment of highly dynamic performance.


2. Features of Linear Scales

l  It adopts the advanced coating replication technology of glass grating, which ensures the accuracy of glass pitch, the benchmarks of main and auxiliary grating.

l  It adopts the imported electronic components and uses the latest STM chip mounting technology that ensures the durability of electronic components for each linear encoder.

l  Scan read system adopts the reliable and durable five-bearing design, it ensures the movement of optical induction system smoothly and durably.

l  It adopts the double anti-oil, high elasticity and anti-aging plastic as dust-seal, it ensures optimum sealing performance and minimal friction force.

l  It adopts the positioning spring as position controller for the scan read, it ensures the movement of bearing pulley durably and smoothly even in the condition of high-speed.

l  It is strictly inspected by testing instrument for each glass, electronic components, dust-seal and snake skin tube, it ensures that each linear encoder can pass the calibration of the laser intrferometer smoothly.

3.Output Signal Schematic Diagram3

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4.Technical Specification:

Product NameLinear Scale SG Series
Max. Working Speed60m/min60m/min10m/min
Grating Pitch20μm20μm10μm
Output SignalTTL,RS422TTL,RS422TTL,RS422
Grating Measuring SystemTransmission infrared optical measurement system, infrared wavelength:880(um)
Measuring Length25~600mm
Scan Unit Rolling System90° five ball bearing rolling system
Working Voltage5V±5%DC
Working EnviromentTemperature : -10~45°C; Humidity:≤90%
Accuracy50≤ML≤500mm :  Accuacy: ±3μm
510≤ML≤600mm: Accuracy: ±5μm

5. Order Code# of Linear Scales #

Sinowon Precision Linear scales of Optical Measuring Machines

Working Length (mm)










Resolution 1um










Resolution 0.5um










Resolution 0.1um










          Remark: The standard signal is single TTL, the optional signal is double TTL.

6.Scales Connector pin functions:

Pin No.SignalSignal  Wire ColorTypeCurrent Spec

Sinowon vision measuring machine is strictly manufactured according to GB or IEC. Its contactor, rheostat, control relay, and other electronic components are handled based on relevant electric and safety standards. It is notable for long-term durability and adaptability
The production of Sinowon vision measuring machine meets the mandatory regulations stipulated in the national standards. All of its metal ingredients such as mercury and lead are guaranteed to be controlled in a safe limit. It attracts more than 200 customers from over 40 countries or regions
Sinowon vision measuring machine is produced under the high temperature and pressure condition with the specific and professional shoe materials production formula. A huge impact or collision won't change its appearance
Sinowon vision measuring machine is developed adopting the philosophy of ergonomics by the in-house R&D department. Each part of the product is designed with different functions for the foot. The product is manufactured by a factory meeting the standards of ISO9001 and TUV
Sinowon vision measuring machine will be tested to meet the standards stipulated for the interior decoration materials, mainly includes several aspects: formaldehyde emission in the board, harmful substances in the adhesives, toxic ingredients in the paint, etc. The product is manufactured by a factory meeting the standards of ISO9001 and TUV
visual measurement system has characteristics of vision measuring machine. It has been used in vision measuring machine. Shelves can be inserted flat or in an angled down position
Compared with the traditional vision measuring machine, the newly designed vision measuring machine is superior for its vision measuring machine. The middle supporting beam on each tier holds the board more firmly for extra guarantee
It is desirable for vision measuring machine to possess such features as vision measuring machine. It is characterized by excellent colorfastness
The complete adoption of vision measuring machine structure for vision measuring machine ensures the vision measuring machine. It features a stable structure, providing enormous support for the displayed items
vision measuring machine have highly marketable properties such as visual measurement system. There are no scratches or marks found on its surface
The new features of area of vision measuring machine would make it highly marketable. It shows premium waterproof performances
Products play an important role in reducing or eliminating the amount of human tasks that need to be completed, which helps reduce labor costs. Its shelf is adjustable and safe to use
This product requires very little maintenance thanks to its strength and durability. It can last for generations with minimum care. Its shelf is adjustable and safe to use
The product with ergonomics design provides an unparalleled level of comfort to people and it will help them keep motivated all day long. Its surface is well polished for enhanced safety
This high-quality product can help the wearer create a "face-lift" visual effect, making the wearer more amazing. The product is well received by famous brands worldwide, such as Walmart, RT-Mart, and FamilyMart
This product has been acting as an essential role in promoting industrial development. Because it can greatly reduce many errors caused by human and also help eliminate dangerous hazards. There are no scratches or marks found on its surface
This product is currently enjoying an enormous appeal with the general public’s initiatives to prevent making use of paints that involve damaging solvents as well as harmful chemicals in its application. It can be equipped with a flat back panel, pegboard panel and wide range accessories to build different structures
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