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How many operation ways for Vision measurement machine?


Our vision measurement machines (VMM) have three operation ways, there are manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

1. Manual VMM means that people need to control the X,Y axis movement of working table and let it move to the measurement filed. After that, focus manually by using knob of Z-axis.

2. Semi-automatic VMM is similar to manual method. The main difference is focus automatically. Operator can use software in computer to focus workpiece, then the motor in measuring arm will driving lens close to or far from workpiece so that get clear focus. The advantage in this way, that we can draw precision result by software, eliminate human error.

3. Automatic VMM not only hardware upgrade, but measurement software with more powerful function. Such as: automatic edge searching measurement, output measurement and data analysis, focus and control platform movement automatically, drawing profile and shape of the sample without human. This can eliminate human error, lower the skills requirement to operators, reduce labor cost, save time and increase efficiency for measurement, thus improve total benefit of production.

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