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precise vision measuring machine factory for medical devices

precise vision measuring machine factory for medical devices

Precise vision measuring machine factory for medical devices

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Sinowon's hardness testing machines is exquisite in details.Sinowon's hardness testing machines is manufactured in strict accordance with relevant national standards. Every detail matters in the production. Strict cost control promotes the production of high-quality and priced-low product. Such a product is up to customers' needs for a highly cost-effective product.
Enterprise Strength
  • Sinowon owns high-quality products and practical marketing strategies. Besides, we also provide sincere and excellent services and create brilliance with our customers.
Company Advantages
1. Sinowon vision measuring machine price is prepared using premium quality raw material and modish technology.
2. The unique vision measuring machine price performance has won warm praises from customers.
3. Due to its energy efficiency, the product consumes little energy. This will directly translate to savings on electricity bills.
4. Using this product will help manufacturers to hire more highly skilled workers who are equipped with technical machine know-how. This, in turn, will make the manufacturers more competitive.

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1. Application of Linear Scales

SG series of Linear Scales are widely used with Sinowon profile projectors, toolmaker microscopes, video measuring machines etc. SG Linear scale has good dynamic performance, great moving speed, and perfect reliability, not only can they meet the requirements of normal shaft dynamic performance, but also the requirements of direct drive equipment of highly dynamic performance.


2. Features of Linear Scales

l  It adopts the advanced coating replication technology of glass grating, which ensures the accuracy of glass pitch, the benchmarks of main and auxiliary grating.

l  It adopts the imported electronic components and uses the latest STM chip mounting technology that ensures the durability of electronic components for each linear encoder.

l  Scan read system adopts the reliable and durable five-bearing design, it ensures the movement of optical induction system smoothly and durably.

l  It adopts the double anti-oil, high elasticity and anti-aging plastic as dust-seal, it ensures optimum sealing performance and minimal friction force.

l  It adopts the positioning spring as position controller for the scan read, it ensures the movement of bearing pulley durably and smoothly even in the condition of high-speed.

l  It is strictly inspected by testing instrument for each glass, electronic components, dust-seal and snake skin tube, it ensures that each linear encoder can pass the calibration of the laser intrferometer smoothly.

3.Output Signal Schematic Diagram3

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4.Technical Specification:

Product NameLinear Scale SG Series
Max. Working Speed60m/min60m/min10m/min
Grating Pitch20μm20μm10μm
Output SignalTTL,RS422TTL,RS422TTL,RS422
Grating Measuring SystemTransmission infrared optical measurement system, infrared wavelength:880(um)
Measuring Length25~600mm
Scan Unit Rolling System90° five ball bearing rolling system
Working Voltage5V±5%DC
Working EnviromentTemperature : -10~45°C; Humidity:≤90%
Accuracy50≤ML≤500mm :  Accuacy: ±3μm
510≤ML≤600mm: Accuracy: ±5μm

5. Order Code# of Linear Scales #

Sinowon Precision Linear scales of Optical Measuring Machines

Working Length (mm)










Resolution 1um










Resolution 0.5um










Resolution 0.1um










          Remark: The standard signal is single TTL, the optional signal is double TTL.

6.Scales Connector pin functions:

Pin No.SignalSignal  Wire ColorTypeCurrent Spec

Company Features
1. Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. owns a large production base and professional R&D team for vision measuring machine.
2. Over the years, we have occupied a major presence in the China market. Beyond that, we also established business relationships in many countries, such as the USA, Canada, Germany, etc.
3. To offer the highest quality vision measuring machine, our employees have always been working hard under the requirements of the customers. Contact us! Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. will conform to the development trend of the times, seize every opportunity to achieve better growth in vision measuring machine industry. Contact us!
The special vision measuring machine structure of vision measuring machine gives it good properties. GSL Li-Ion battery features military-grade plates for an extra margin of performance and service life
The material used for Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. is new and good for health. The built-in BMS protects the battery against short circuit, reverse polarity, over and under voltage, and over current
vision measuring machine price is made of imported materials and has the advantages of vision measuring machine price. GSL Li-Ion battery has low internal resistance and high, flat voltage characteristics during strong current discharge
There are different types of vision measuring machine price for our customer's choice. GSL Li-Ion batteries can be discharged to 100% of their rated capacity
As a professional vision measuring machine manufacturer, we concentrate on producing the best and preferential products. Being environmentally friendly, GSL Li-Ion Battery will not destroy the ecological environment
The product features low self-discharge rate. Even if stored for a long period of time, it only loses little power. GSL's advanced lithium-ion technology makes battery offer an estimated 3000-5000 cycles
The product stands out for its reasonable construction. The key design parameters such as mechanical strength and abuse tolerance to withstand changeable conditions. GSL Li-Ion battery features military-grade plates for an extra margin of performance and service life
The product features thermal conductivity. The materials used have good internal thermal conduction, which helps conduct heat away from the core to the surface. GSL Li-Ion battery offers problem-free charge after long storage, permitting to use in a wide range of applications
The product features low side reactions. Some chemicals are added within it, which tend to inhibit these unwanted chemical reactions. GSL Li-Ion battery has low internal resistance and high, flat voltage characteristics during strong current discharge
The product has the advantage of low internal impedance. The resistivity of the active materials is relatively low and the quality of the contacts between the individual electrode particles is high. GSL 12V lithium-ion battery is a new environmentally friendly backup power system
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This product perfectly meets the actual requirements of customers and has great market potential. GSL batteries help maximize the performance of users' battery system
The product has a good commercial prospect for its high cost-effectiveness. GSL Li-Ion battery is very easy to install and requires no maintenance
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