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Sinowon polishing equipment with good price for medical devices

Sinowon polishing equipment with good price for medical devices

Sinowon polishing equipment with good price for medical devices

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The GP-9 is an automatic vibratory polisher designed to prepare high quality polished surfaces on a wide variety of materials, especially for electron-backscatter diffraction (EBSD) applications. The high frequency vibration in horizontal motion produces a very effective polishing action to remove minor deformation remaining after mechanical preparation and reveal the stress-free surface. Ideal for EBSD specimens preparation.

Product Feature

◆ Frequency and voltage controls. By adjusting the vibrating frequency, different size specimens can be polished. By changing the applied voltage,the speed of the polishing action can be easily controlled; 

◆ Timer control. Stop automatically;

◆ Capable of handling small or large specimens;

◆ Multiple size holders (1-inch upto 2-inch diameter, others can be customized);

◆ Robust and durable design;

◆ Easy to use and service;

◆ Ideal for all materials.




Bowl Size (mm)










Specimen Holder, 1.25inch

● 3pcs

Holder Weights, 1.25inch

● 3pcs

Lever Plate for 1.25inch

● 1pcs

Polishing Pad

● 1pcs

Other holders, weights and lever plate

1inch  1.5inch  2inchcan be customized



Sinowon polishing equipment with good price for medical devices-2

The workmanship used in Sinowon polishing equipment varies based on different customers' needs, mainly including common weaving, interweaving, washing, dyeing, destaticization, etc. It has been programmed for immediate use
High-end textile manufacturing machines are used in the production ofSinowon polishing equipment. It is processed by bale plucker, carding machine, roving frames, or combing machine. The product is able to identify frequency intelligently
During the production of Sinowon metal polishing wheel for bench grinder, different optimized processing techniques such as electrostatic spinning, air vortex spinning, or jet spinning are adopted. This product is designed to provide high signal sensitivity
During the production, Sinowon polishing equipment is under rigorous inspection and control. It is required to pass the eco-textile testing which means no azo colorants and heavy metals are included. Its working mode can be self-locking, inching, or interlocking
The fibers of Sinowon metal polishing wheel for bench grinder will be rigorously tested before used. The fibers are checked using various methods such as combustion, dissolution, staining, or infrared spectrometry method. It allows users to operate the device or machine without interfering with cables
Our QC team takes strict testing methods in order to achieve high quality. This product is known for its individual ON/OFF function
Its quality is effectively controlled during the production process. Made by no code recognition technology, it has a strong anti-interference ability
The product has stable quality and superior performance. This product has no interfering with other electric devices
The product has a great market prospect, great potential and with large market share. The product is sturdy enough and features shock resistance
The product is thoroughly examined by our quality experts before dispatching. The product has a large load power and more stable performance
The quality of this product is ensured by strict management system and complete quality control system. This product has been widely used for smart home control, smart home security, and industrial wireless control
This product is widely used in the market for its excellent economic value and high cost performance. Adopting the ultra-high sensitivity module, it has a stronger anti-jamming ability
The product has a broad application future because of its remarkable economic benefits. It has the functions of power failure protection and overload protection
With so many advantages, the product has a vast application prospect. It will be automatically compatible with the oscillating resistor
The product, having great economic benefits, is popular among the clients. Its strong RF signal can work through doors and walls
The product has attracted much attention and is going to be more used by people from various fields. It has the advantages of high reliability and lightning strike resistance
The product, with so many competitive edges, finds a broad range of applications. It is not limited by spatial distance and direction
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