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STS3 Series Three-box Thermal Shock Test Chamber

STS3 Series Three-box Thermal Shock Test Chamber

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The three-tank thermal shock test chamber is used to assess the ability of products (complete machines), components, parts, etc. to withstand sudden changes in temperature. This temperature shock test can understand the impact of temperature changes on the test sample once or multiple times.The main parameters affecting the temperature change test are the high and low temperature values of the temperature change range, the holding time of the sample at high and low temperatures, and the number of cycles of the test.It is generally used in a wide range of fields, from research and development to inspection and production.

Cryogenic impact principle 

After the temperature of the cryogenic chamber is lowered to the set value through the refrigeration system, the cylinder damper of the cryogenic chamber is opened, and the circulating fan sends the low-temperature air into the test chamber, rapidly reducing the temperature of the test chamber to the set value, thus achieving low-temperature shock.

Thermal Impact Principle 

The air is heated by the heating wire, and the heat is sent to the test chamber by the circulating fan through the high-temperature box damper, causing the temperature of the test machine to rapidly rise to the set value, completing the high-temperature test.

Product Characteristic 

lThe three-box structure uses pneumatic valves to switch the connection between the test area and the cold area, and between the test area and the hot area.  During testing, the air valves in the high-temperature and low-temperature areas are automatically opened, allowing for high- and low-temperature shock testing.  This shock method ensures that the product under test does not experience any mechanical shocks.

lLarge touch screen controller, easy to operate, can set and display various operating data.

lNo frosting function, sample temperature can be monitored.

lThe cooling system uses a binary refrigeration system, which provides fast cooling and uses water cooling.

lIt has an RS-232 communication interface device, which can be connected to a computer for control, editing, recording, and signal point status, making it easy to use.

Detail Display 



Three-box Thermal Shock Test Chamber









Interior Dimensions (W*H*D)mm




Exterior Dimensions(W*H*D)mm

Actual products or quotations shall prevail!

Upper limit of preheating temperature

180℃ (non-standard can be customized to 200℃)

Temperature rise time


Lower limit of preheating temperature

A (-10℃-55℃);B (-10℃-65℃);C (-10℃-80℃) conditions are optional

Temperature Drop Time


High temperature impact range

60~+150℃ (can be customized to 180℃)

Low temperature impact range

L (-10℃-40℃);F (-10℃-55℃);X (-10℃-65℃) conditions are optional

Temperature Fluctuation


Temperature Deviation


Temperature Recovery Time


Switching time of the damper

High temperature tank ←→ low temperature tank steel within 3 seconds

Time of cradle movement

Within 10S

Inner and outer box materials

Steel plate painted or 304 stainless steel

Insulation Material

High-temperature and low-temperature resistant high-density polyurethane foam insulation material

Refrigeration Method

Air-cooled or water-cooled, using imported brand compressors

Safety Protection Device

Leakage and short circuit protection, compressor high and low pressure protection, refrigerant high pressure protection, fault alarm system

Test Standard:

Meet the temperature shock test requirements of GB/T2423.22 (IEC60068-2-14), ISO16750, IPC-TM-650 and other series standards.

Defrosts The Time

Three-box Impact Curve:

Linear temperature control (isothermal)

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