3d printer cantilever 2.0 c3dt/c

by:Sinowon     2020-03-18
This is the fourth completed printer design, and the third is the instructures.
The following is a description of C3Dt/c (
C for cantilever)by Core3D. tech.
This printer is shown on mrrf2018 and this is the culmination of many of my other internal tables that I will refer to/link as needed.
A 3D printer is a cantilever printer with the following features: all the features you can ask for in a compact and compact structure.
This printer is not just doing it all;
It looks great to do so. As an add-
On this structure, I created a series of videos (10 in total)
Complete every step of this build.
You can find the playlist here: Full Video build instructions for c3Dt/c 3D PrinterHere I am chatting with 3D to discuss C3Dt/c. As part of this printer, all 3D printing parts can now be used as one on ebay, you just want to start 3D printing and there are many other options than I can (
Including the rock-solid Prusa I3 I don\'t belong).
So, don\'t get in the way. . . .
You can see the whole component if you have patience (
Until the last screw)
Here: Update 7/30/2018: Some of you seem to have completed the full build and are requesting information about the Marin configuration.
I have uploaded my configuration version. h today.
Do not blindly copy it to the Marlin file set.
The parameter name changes between versions.
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