A carpenter is the person who works with wood

by:Sinowon     2020-12-31

Carpentry Tools

Carpenters use various special tools to carry out their job. These tools are categorized into hand tools and power tools. Most often carpenter uses hand tools for carrying out simple or even complex jobs. Power tools are used when working with heavy wood or large amount of work is to be done. Some very popular tools used for carpentry are mallets, hammers, chisels, saws, file, clamp, pliers, punches and measuring tapes.

Some useful tips about Carpentry

A carpentry job may include many small functions as part of a big project. These functions include measuring, marking, cutting, sawing, striking, chiselling, checking, boring, lengthening, sharpening and framing of joints.

Cut once after measuring twice, this is the most important rule of the carpenters who believe in making perfect objects in perfect time. This is why measuring tape and 90 degree angled tool are among the most important tools for carpenters. An end product is always perfect if you measure right and cut materials perfectly. A square is used for drawing straight lines and measuring tapes give you right measurements.

Simple saw is the best choice for cutting wood in straight lines, especially for the beginners. Coping saw is used for cutting curves. But for beginners, it is not recommended to use electric saws and cutters as they may injure themselves. Even if you are using it, you must read all the instructions carefully, about its usage.

Drill machines are the perfect carpentry tools to make holes in walls and wood. These are the power operated tools which make the job very easy and less laborious. Various kinds of nails and glue are the other elements you would need for any kind of carpentry job. Nailing requires skill which a person learns with practice. A beginner can start making simple things like bookshelves, simple tables, closet fixtures, etc.

While going for a project, choose the wood carefully. Measure and mark it even more carefully. If you have drawn some wrong marking, make a cross sign over it to differentiate it from the other lines. Job of carpenter involves too much precision without which you cannot make a perfect product.

After you have chosen an object and the appropriate wood for it, you can start your first carpentry project. Measuring is important for making a perfect carpentry object. So measure you wood twice according to the pattern before cutting it. Mark them with pencil and cross out the lines drawn by mistake. After you have cut wood pieces, it is time to put them together. Use nails and screws and according to the thickness of your wood, they should not stick out of the wood. Along with nails, you can use wood glue as well to make the joint stronger.

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