A dream board, also named a vision board, is a

by:Sinowon     2020-12-24

The law of attraction simply says that you can get what you believe in. You must ever hear of many stories on how people applied the principle into their life and experienced immediate changes in their life or work, or achieve financial freedom.

It is easy to make a dream board-make it by yourself or through some software like Envision Your Best Life. All you have to do is to prepare a computer with internet access. You can put pictures or words on your dream board represent things that you want in life. Then display the board where you can see it every day.

If you want to make it on hand, you need to prepare all of these: a large piece of paper, scissors, glue stick, colorful markers, photos, magazines containing your favorite pictures in it, and double-stick tape.

1.Make a list of things you want in your life and make a picture collage away from it. teach your kids how to make one too. Or let them teach you. include things, relationships, connections, people, God, feelings, etc.

2.Go via your magazines and cut out any random pictures that appeal to you. The magazines you prepare should be in various types, covering all the topics that you simply are interested in. allow your mind to wander and follow your instinct. find bright, colorful pictures that make you feel fantastic or get you considering about what life could be like if it were you in that picture. try to minimize the key phrases that you simply cut out.

3.Deside the design of your dream board. You can contain sections like your life vision, including your relationships, personal growth, health and fitness, finance and money, etc. If you are a business owner you can make a business vision board including your office, staff, bank account, client results, products, retirement, accolades, philanthropy efforts, etc.

4. Once you've determined your design, cover the back again of the pictures with glue stick and press them onto the board. make sure the edges are glued down firmly. Use glitter glue to outline your pictures and weave them together, or make designs for example hearts and flowers. You can also matte frame your desire board when it is done.

5. Place your desire board in a location where you'll watch it often (the refrigerator, your office or even the inside of a closet door should you don't want pryingeye balls to see it). each time you look at it, your subconscious mind would be 'vibing' on the pictures and working to create far more of individuals traits or experiences in your life!

However, the law of attraction is not a panacea. Even though you have strong wills and attracts the opportunities that you want, you'll still get nothing when you do nothing. Turn the thoughts into actions, and you'll find how things changes.

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