A hernia is forming of sac by the lining of abdominal

by:Sinowon     2020-12-25

Earlier, tension repair used to be the only option available for people having hernias. The procedure involves making a single long incision in the groin. If the hernia bulges out of the abdominal wall, it is pushed back into the place. In case of inguinal hernia, the sac may be pushed back, tied off or removed. For hernias that are smaller and healthy tissues, the edges of the healthy muscle tissue may be sewn together without stressing the tissue.

Nowadays, hernia mesh is used to treat recurring and large hernias. It may be sewn over the weakened area in the abdominal wall after pushing back the hernia to its place. It may decrease the tension on the abdominal wall and prevent the hernia from recurring. A tension-free repair may be used where special bio-synthetic patches may be applied to the hernia. The procedure may use meshes that may be formed according to the patient's requirements or may be procured of different sizes and readily usable forms. The meshes may be placed open to the location of the hernia.

A laproscopic repair may attach a telescope to camera and inserted through a small incision made under the patient's belly button. Two small cuts each similar to pencil eraser in diameter may be made in the lower abdomen. A mesh may be used to reinforce the hernia and secure the position using stitches, staples, titanium tacks or tissue glue depending on the surgeon's preference.

Similarly, an incisional hernia repair may use special instruments, small incisions and a videoscope along with television monitors. A small incision made in the chosen location of abdominal wall to minimizing the risk of running into organs or scar tissues from earlier operations. The procedure is relatively safe requiring less recovery time. The procedure may immediately return home, usually within 24 hours and quickly return back to normal activity. The procedure also reduces the chances of recurrences making it less than 10%.

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