a look at kickstarter’s record-breaking travel bag

by:Sinowon     2020-01-20
A travel bag has never attracted as much money on Kickstarter as this one.
Image source: never in the history of nomkickstarter has a bag traveler so eager. A mighty $2.
According to NBC, 2 million supporters raised £ 9000 to bring the Nomatic travel bag to life, and it has become the most funded travel bag on Kickstarter. Its co-
The original goal of the founder was only to raise $20,000, but exceeded that goal within 30 minutes of the sponsor group --
Funded activities in July.
It does look good and strong, but in the competitive world of travel accessories, it has such an excellent performance, what is the possibility of this package being so good? Co-
Founder Jon Richards and Jacob Durham call it \"the most powerful travel bag ever\" and the real key to its appeal seems to be its clever division.
Exchange between luggage bag and backpack mode.
Image source: Supply part backpack, part luggage bag, part carry
This bag has a padded pocket for laptop and tablet, waterproof pocket for beverage bottles, special spots for shoes, socks and underwear, books and valuables such as your passport
It has a vacuum bag to make sure your bulky fabric takes up less space
Bag sleeves, wire management features and radio frequency identification and wool-
Lined security pocket with TSA
The lock was approved for security purposes.
It also comes with a laundry bag designed to hang on the door handle.
It seems to fit a lot of things too.
Picture: NomaticSource: SuppliedIt can be exchanged easily between the luggage bag and the backpack mode, it has a chest strap made of super durable material.
For things you don\'t want to rummage around, like boarding passes, there is also a pocket \"easy access.
Perhaps the most important thing is to measure 53. 3 x 35. 6 x 22.
9 cm, it is the right size for a flight to carry with youon luggage.
The demo on Nomatic\'s Kickstarter page shows that more than 20 items are packed in bags, including two shirts, four T-shirts
A shirt, a jacket, two trousers, five underpants, a laptop and a tablet.
In updating supporters about the project this week, the team at Nomatic said that materials are currently being purchased with the aim of starting delivery by January 2017. Its co-
The founders also revealed that they have successfully completed 10-
Daytime highway tests on the east coast of the United States.
\"On his trip [Jacob]
They boarded the plane, the train, the taxi, the car and the subway, and the package passed every test, including airport safety and overhead compartment storage on the plane. \".
\"On one occasion, he even checked the bag on the plane and the bag did not scratch on the other side due to high quality material. “Seriously. . .
This is probably the most practical travel bag ever and we are very happy with the look of it. ”You can pre-
Order this bag now for $ a195.
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