A total station is an electronic/optical instrument

by:Sinowon     2020-12-30

1 The basic properties are unsurpassed range, speed and accuracy of measurements.

2. Total stations are developed in view of the maximal convenience of work of the user.

3. It is the geodetic device by means of which measurement of horizontal and vertical corners on district is made.

4. Theodolite is used for measuring angles in triangulation, polygon measurements, bridging, application geodesy, and astronomo-geodetic measurements.

The theodolite is also being produced and is intended for measuring angles both by standard and autocollimation methods, in industry when mounting elements and constructions of machines and mechanisms, for building industrial constructions and other purposes.

5. Model is intended for measuring angles in geodetic bridging, application geodesy, exploration and surveying works, theodolite surveys, on-ground mining surveys etc.

6. Theodolites are executed in ergonomic execution, have the direct image and are reliable in work. Presence of the equaliser at a vertical circle allows making measurements quickly and precisely.

7. Theodolites are easy and reliable in operation. The compensator on the vertical circle allows to make rapid and accurate measurements. Differing from foreign analogous the theodolites permit to carry out works at lower temperatures.

8. On all theodolites it is possible to mount light range finders of various design The device can be equipped with geodetic tripod.

9. The theodolites are intended for measuring of horizontal and vertical angles and distances with the help of a crosshair range finder, levelling by means of the telescope level, determination of magnetic azimuth against the compass.

10. Due to small size and light weight, ease in operation, rapidity of dial reading, the theodolites are widely used in construction, agriculture, engineering explorations and surveys, particularly, in expedition conditions.

11. The instruments may be completed with geodetic tripod of, built-in optical centering device and lantern to illuminate the microscope scale.

12. Optical-mechanical theodolites apply to measurement of corners in a triangulation, polygonal network, in geodetic networks of a condensation, in applied geodesy, astro-geodetic measurements.

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