Advantages and characteristics of the software of fully automatic material pressure testing machine such as cement bricks

by:Sinowon     2021-07-12
YAW series automatic pressure testing machine is a new generation of pressure testing machine developed. It adopts hydraulic cylinder to load to realize compressive strength test. It adopts high-precision digital servo valve and has force closed-loop control function, which can realize equal load rate loading. The control accuracy is high and the reliability is good. The control system of the fully automatic material pressure testing machine has the following advantages:
1. The pressure testing machine meets the pressure strength test required by the compression test standards for sintered bricks, cement, concrete, mortar, and rocks;
2. The compressive test procedure of bricks implements national standard GB/T 5101, the compressive test procedure of cement implements national standard GB/T 17671, the test procedure of concrete specimen implements GB/T 50081, the test procedure of mortar specimen implements JGJ 70, rock The compressive test is carried out according to JGJ 054, and the compressive test of pavement tiles is carried out according to JC 446;
3. The press test system is suitable for 100kN-3000kN material pressure tester;
4. The pressure test force and peak value are displayed in the whole process without step measurement, the measurement range is 4%-100% of the range, the error is ±1%, and it can be automatically calibrated;
5. Real-time recording of force-time test curve, high-speed sampling;
6. The test data adopts database management, and all test data are automatically saved;
7. Automatically complete the test process, judge the broken type, and automatically record and save the test data;
8. The human-computer interaction interface adopts the standard Windows style, the operation is simple and easy to learn, and it can meet the normal control, acquisition and calculation.
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