Among the different scientific equipments, Microscopes

by:Sinowon     2020-12-27

Another type of microscope is Stereo Microscopes which are utilized very frequently. Observing small insects with the Stereo Microscopes can be compared with watching alien form of life and is very interesting. Both children and adults are very keen about the insect world. Majority of elementary grades and science classes in high schools will have to keep some basic knowledge about insects and entomology. Dead and live insects can be viewed through Stereo Microscope and it is a bit difficult to watch the live insects through microscope as they are always in the move and it would be extremely troublesome to focus upon them.

An Inverted Microscope is a type of microscope having its condenser and light source on the top, pointing downward, when the turret and objective remain below the stage pointing upward. Inverted Microscope is utilized for watching living organisms or cell kept at the lower portion of a big container, for example, tissue culture flash, in a very natural environment compared to a glass slide as is found in a traditional microscope. This is also utilized in applications of micromanipulation where vacant space is needed in respect of manipulator mechanisms and metallurgical applications wherein polished specimens can be kept above the stage and observed from below utilizing objectives of reflecting type.

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