apple: manufacturing at the core of cork presence

by:Sinowon     2020-04-11
Walking through the only Apple is a bit strange --
Having all the manufacturing plants in the world, observers and machines combined to produce products for every corner of Europe, all in the clear context of cork sound, these sounds are more easily linked to the terraces of the old pirc ui Chaoimh.
However, when you get into the iMac manufacturing plant in Hollyhill, that\'s what you\'re going through --
Staff in one area may be more protective and proud than anyone else.
After all, this is the origin of the Apple Cork species that Steve Jobs opened more than 30 years ago. googletag. {});
Cork TD Gene Fitzgerald opened the Apple Factory in Hollyhill in November 24, 1980, from the left, Apple\'s then Vice President
Steve Jobs, chairman, Mike Makura, and Alec Walter, managing director.
Despite the massive changes that have taken place during that time, Cork\'s production base has remained the same.
\"While Apple has changed the supply chain of many other factories and has pulled out of manufacturing in many cases, it has kept the cork factory here all the time, so we are the only Apple --
Paul Coburn, senior director of manufacturing, explained: \"have manufacturing plants in the world . \".
\"There is a huge history there . . . . . . When they transition [
Outsourcing manufacturing
I think it\'s actually a risk for them to get rid of all manufacturing expertise from Cork. ” googletag. {});
On the contrary, as the core knowledge of employees, the cork factory has been booming in the past decade --
Many of them are locals.
With the continuous and rapid development of outsourcing and the listing of new products, the importance is increasing.
As Apple expands its manufacturing facilities in China, the Irish team has traveled far away to oversee the process, while those who design the latest products in Cupertino also rely on local expertise.
\"I think people have realized that the value they add to the company is very important, and I think Cork\'s status will only grow because people see the value they bring to us,\" Paul said.
There is no denying the fact that in a world where manufacturing costs are higher from European bases, this position must be under pressure, and while this is not the case, the people who oversee its development insist.
\"Ten years ago, I will reach a 100% agreement with you and say this is a serious problem, but the labor force in China is getting [more expensive]
The cost there is clearly rising.
Of course, this is still a cost premium --
However, I can only see that our relevance in the company has been increasing.
He said: \"Nor can it rule out the possibility of expanding its manufacturing industry, adding that if cork can add value to customers, he can see more customization work going on.
Tim explained that as a manufacturing engineering manager, the customer is the whole of Apple.
More than 30,000 different configurations of Cork or \"skews\" are manufactured in Cork
Each is a combination of a range of personal preferences provided by the manufacturing team. googletag. {});
65% of the labor force for each product relates to quality control and testing --
Up to 38 hours.
To help with this process is suppliers such as Crest Solutions, created by a former Apple employee, based on Cork island, which provides an automatic inspection machine, while Sligo-
System Integration Technology based on automatic technology services has also been applied in Hollyhill.
Each order placed online is produced within two hours and shipped 24 to three days, depending on the complexity of the configuration.
\"Apple is obsessed with customers,\" Paul said . \"
\"It\'s one of our core ideas, it\'s about what customers want.
When you open a product, the wow factor you get is actually very worrying about the company.
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