Application of image measuring instrument three coordinate measuring machine in manufacturing system

by:Sinowon     2021-05-11

The application of image measuring instrument three coordinate measuring machine in manufacturing system. The coordinate measuring machine is not only a laboratory measuring instrument, but also widely used in machining and assembly workshops. In the automotive industry, the coordinate measuring machine is a necessary measurement tool for product quality assurance and quality control. The application of coordinate measuring machine in practice is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, product quality inspection. As the shapes of processed products become more and more complex, and the accuracy becomes higher and higher, the coordinate measuring machine has gradually become the main inspection method for product quality inspection. It will conduct a comprehensive processing size inspection for each process in the production of the product to ensure that the next process is qualified. In each process, as long as a status changes, CMM inspection information should be sent, such as changing processing tools, adjusting processing cycles or procedures. For extremely complex machined parts, traditional inspection tools cannot meet quality control requirements. The processing and design of inspection tools becomes a problem due to the complexity of the processing. Therefore, the current state of processing makes coordinate measuring machines the main means of quality inspection in manufacturing systems. Take the automobile engine factory as an example, the weekly machine department must send the finished product to the quality management department, and use CMM to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the cylinder block, cylinder head and crankshaft and check the processing quality; each production line is inspected and processed monthly In each process part, check the product quality in the process. Regular inspection and evaluation of the stability of the production process, and check whether the personnel, machines, materials, processing methods, etc. of the production system are in a normal and stable state, and used to eliminate system errors. Batch by batch test to determine whether the quality of the batch of products is qualified and control random errors.

Second, understand the adjustment status of the equipment. If the measurement result shows that the size of the part obtained by machining is biased to one side of the tolerance zone, it means that the equipment has not been adjusted to a normal state, and the equipment should be adjusted or adjusted if necessary.

Third, you can keep abreast of the development trend of the process and send warning signals to the status of products and equipment. If the size of the workpiece systematically drifts in one direction, it indicates tool wear, thermal drift, or other factors. If the shape error of the measured geometric parameters is found to be larger and larger, the tool will become dull and friction will increase. The processing vibration is intensified, and relevant personnel are reminded to take timely measures to remedy the situation.

Fourth, the image measuring instrument provides original audit data for quality system certification.

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