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by:Sinowon     2020-06-24
Factors To Consider When Choosing Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Choosing the best quality clarity enhanced diamonds is somewhat different from the certified diamonds. This is because the CE diamonds are provide more clarity and brilliance that the normal diamonds can afford. This also means that you are bound to spend more money purchasing the CE diamonds than the original diamonds. Therefore, before you purchase this type of diamond, you have to consider the following factors; l Certification: For you to be sure of the quality of the diamond that you are buying you have to ask for a certificate. Such a certificate is also important in enabling to seek compensation in case the diamond turns out to be of low quality than you thought or if it gets destroyed before the warranty is over. However, certificate is different from a warranty and therefore you should not confuse the two. l Seller's reputation: Due to the increasing number of fake diamond sellers in the market today, it is important for you to consider the reputation of the trader from whom you intend to purchase your enhanced diamonds from. You can learn about the seller's reputation from the numerous online reviews. Most of these reviews are written by people who have already dealt with these sellers and therefore they normally speak from their own experience. However, beware of some deceiving reviews that are carefully crafted by these opportunists. You should only rely on reviews found on reputable websites. l Testing: Before you purchase your diamonds from the available sellers, you have to make sure that it is tested. There are many ways of testing the authenticity of diamond but the most commonly used is the use of microscope. This involves testing the diamond under a powerful microscope. However, this process requires an expert and therefore you might be forced to hire one. l Cost: The cost of clarity enhanced diamonds is a bit high and therefore you have to be prepared to spend a considerably large amount of money on its purchase. Considering the price of the diamond that you want to buy, you can easily tell its quality. Low quality diamonds go for less than the authentic ones.
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