awesome tech you can\'t buy yet: $15 computers, desktop cnc mills, and a smartphone microscope

by:Sinowon     2020-04-25
At any given moment, there will be countless different crowdfunding campaigns on the Web.
Check out Kickstarter or Indiegogo and you\'ll find that there\'s no shortage of weird, useless and downright stupid projects-and some real gems.
We \'ve cut the Pebble clones and janky iPhone cases to collect the most unusual, ambitious and exciting projects of the week.
Please keep in mind that any crowdfunding project-
Even the most kind
May fail, so do good homework before checking your dream gadget.
Please enable Javascript to watch this video additive manufacturing-also known as 3D printing-all the attention has been paid these days.
However, despite the rapid development of technology, the traditional manufacturing process still has certain advantages.
That is, the ability to work with materials other than plastic.
They come, but 3D printers that print anything but PLA or ABS are ridiculously expensive at the moment, so if you want to make something with metal or wood, your best choice is to use a traditional CNC factory. Evo-
One is basically that you will be in a complete-
Mature machine shop, but the interface is much simpler, the shape is much more compact, and the price tag is much smaller. Thanks to uber-
Evo-simplified software control
One basically combines the simplicity of 3D printing with the precision, speed and versatility of the CNC factory.
It can grind raw materials along three different axes and move a series of interchanging tools, so it can make parts that require multiple machines.
About $1,500, which is also one of the first desktop CNC milling machines you can buy for the same price as mid-range computers
The level of the 3D printer is incredible. Read more here.
Please let Javascript watch this video. It\'s easy to take them for granted because they are common now, but time is bad --
Shooting mistakes are a pain.
Videographers go out of their way to achieve the amazing footage you see in documentaries and TV shows-usually to get 5-to 10-The second sequence
Not to mention, you usually need a lot of dedicated camera equipment to implement it if you want an amazing mistake.
But thanks to a French startup called Enlaps, you\'ll soon be able to do everything with a simple device.
The Enlaps Tikee camera, described by its creator as \"GoPro for time lapse photography\", is a self-contained
There are two built-in boxesin wide-angle cameras.
The box is paired with your smartphone or computer, easy to operate, and even a small solar panel is installed on its roof to take back some of the power it consumes while taking photos. The best part?
Tikee is also built for outdoor, so you don\'t have to worry about leaving it outside during bad weather. Read more here.
Please let Javascript watch this video, and when you wish you could check an object with painful details, it\'s always a shame that you can\'t take out the microscope from your pocket.
But don\'t lament again, friends.
With u peeking, you can put a professional microscope in your wallet.
Very niche (but very cool)
The size of the device is equivalent to the size of the credit card and wirelessly connects to the smartphone, allowing you to \"discover the epitome of all aspects of it no matter where you are \".
\"If you\'re ready to discover tiny, creepy, crawling creatures that live in the world around you, you just need u to peek. Self-
Described as the first smartphone microscope with the same function as a full microscope
Paired with an Android or iOS app, a fully functional u-peep microscope allows you to capture stunning photos of something that was otherwise invisible.
U peek with electric four
Element lens, allowing high
Quality, without losing the real image.
Due to its sophisticated lighting optics, your \"samples\" will be placed in the best possible light.
Most importantly, everything is wirelessly controlled by the connected app, making your check a breeze. Read more here.
Please let Javascript watch video minicomputer like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, which has caused an electronic revival in the past few years.
With the development of 3D printing and other technologies, it is possible for inventors to develop electronic prototypes at an unprecedented speed.
But they are far from perfect.
The reason many of them are so cheap is because their computing power is quite limited.
This is not a problem for simple projects, but for any project that requires more power, they are usually not enough.
This is where Pine64 came in.
Pine64CPU is a four64-core ARM A53
A bit processor running at 1. 2GHz. The built-
In the GPU, the graphics performance is better than the original X-Box.
This means that you can do more than just turn the LEDs on and off with it. Read more here.
Please let Javascript watch this video and stroll through Kickstarter or Indiegogo and you will find plenty of smart cups and water bottles that promise to help you replenish your water with notifications and reminders --
But this may not help when you are craving something with more zippers.
The correct Cup is not to make the water itself more delicious, nor to fill it with artificial sweeteners, but to make the H2O more delicious in different ways: use the \"aroma fruit flavor\" and \"sweet tip\" of the Cup itself to trick your brain and make you think you\'re drinking something sugary and delicious.
According to the campaign video, the \"taste\" that your brain perceives is the result of two different senses of smell and taste.
In theory, if your nose smells something (
Such as fresh oranges)
There\'s some taste in your tongue (
Sweet, Bitter, etc)
Then your brain will fill the gap and tell you that you are drinking orange liquid.
The patented lining material of the right cup will basically inject a little sweetness into your water and then accompany the taste by sending out a fruity flavor, fooling your brain into thinking it\'s not water. Read more here.
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