Bacterial vaginosis is one of the common medical

by:Sinowon     2020-05-25
What is bacterial vaginosis? Common symptoms of the infection are vaginal discharge, irritation in the vagina, burning while urination and itching. The set of symptoms stays the same for the infection named vaginal yeast infection. For identification of the right symptoms, there comes in the need of diagnosis with the help of the lab tests. Firstly, doctor would examine the vagina and ask certain questions relevant to the history of periods and rate of recurrence or any chronic disease that particular women goes through. Then he would take the sample of the discharge and observes it under microscope for viewing clue cells. Clue cells are often surrounded by the bacterial coating and it is one of the clear indications that women is being infected or caught by the bad bacteria. Normally, these cells cannot be viewed properly under microscope even so sodium chloride solution is being dropped on the slide of the sample. This solution helps in making these cells clearly visible and thus helps in getting to the right type of infection. After diagnosis, the infected women would think,how to treat bacterial vaginosis? It is not difficult to treat the infection as there are number of methods that can be implied in order to get rid of the infection quite effectively. The method that is reliable from centuries and most of the suffering women go for is natural means. Yogurt is one of the natural products that can produce miracles for the suffering women. It can be applied externally and internally with positive results. Bacterial vaginosis cures can help the infected women to easily regain the health of the vagina without using antibiotics for the purpose. The infected women is often advised to not use scented soaps and body washes as they may cause irritation and itching of the vagina. Then, immunity needs to build up strongly and folic acid is one of the good agents in performing this responsibility if it is being taken in the routine diet. Women are required to facilitate the growth of the good bacteria and this could only be possible if she acts on the cures and preventive measures that are helpful in this regard.
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