Beijing has two pass area, a west xiang shan in feet

by:Sinowon     2020-06-30
The flower market, toward the east from the iron LuLu a XieJie to wide canal, the past has been called pass area street.Here are the SanJin basilica, gables pass area quite high FanGong style. Mr. BuddhaClear the zhu yizun purchecing news 'load:' pass area, into a round the house, Buddha temple has made them. After more than 100zhang sleeping Buddha, long, there are more than 10 Buddha ring made after BeiJi polyester. Temple, only west gallery without a iron clock, wu-cheng years (1308 of zhengde in) molten.' Pass area was built in the Ming dynasty, temple said voices.Qianlong emperor, YuBingQu years (already dilapidated 1766) rebuild, left the BeiJi taboh graph.The pass area, once after restorer is flourishing.According to the way of salty confrontations miscellanea since outside chongwen cloud: 'since (lunar month, pass area for junior to open fifth) temple period.' The author children time living in east flower markets impressive from east ox horn bay hutong, often go temple, a stone's throw pass area in play.Pass area have three layers of basilica, the first layer for the porters; four king kongThe second is the main hall, where three Buddha Lord;The third layer for sleeping Buddha, dozens of Buddha disciple standing behind me.Two Wu also supplied with figure of Buddha.The temple with some weeds grow tall pagoda tree, cypress, always clouding shaded.Later, after QianDian, one in the house, the house three tilt DaFoXiang also were destroyed, he moved to the sleeping Buddha in the house, more than ten disciple standing behind a corner of the hall is rejected.The house and Wu before and after two successive dismantled, reconstruction for a row of small bungalow lease to nearby residents, become clump.Beijing jade factory was established early liberation, inside the temple built in workshops, warehouses. Have fortunately sleeping Buddha dwells, stay in the house.According to old people say, sleeping Buddha bless the people peace, the body have the indisposition touch sleeping Buddha will be good, headache touching someone feet touch, feet.This of course is a superstition.Therefore, local residents often to pass area, jade factory is tacit, never stop.Before the 'cultural revolution' until one day apart two large truck suddenly, put the big sleeping Buddha away.Remember the street lined with people, watched the truck slowly towards the west... A few years ago is located in xuanwu district law source temple with friends, I repair the new reunion went to visit, see sutra depository leisurely underneath sleeping Buddha a statue.The sleeping Buddha long 7.4 meters, head of a Buddha proprietary, a green light, a spiral Bob faces to shallow purple, extremely plump.With light bead, eyebrows, is a way of advanced galleries logo.Binocular micro zhang, mouth close, look kindly, headrest SuanNi, the right hand in her cheeks side lies, torre feet lateral fold, cassocks exposed.Ask temple, is XieJie monk know the sleeping Buddha would pass area.Reportedly, before a few years had Thailand, and points out that the clergy people to pay their respects to the sleeping Buddha, is extremely sophisticated, as Ariadne what is superior in plastic. What is worth mentioning, 'a dream of red mansions' author cao xueqin was in flower market. XieJie pass area shackGongXueGu ZhouRuChang stories on the 'cao xueqin book said, legend cao has lived this temple, painter qi baishi had to visit the temple sites, painted a picture, and academic yue:' the wind branches to succoth, naked leaves red chamber dream broken column of surprise JuHuo residue. Half in the cold lane, temple gate Qing cold. 'short bleakAnother GongXueGu WuEnYu in 'cao xueqin are intimately with shallow agent said,' cao xueqin in this (pass area) not long, namely moved to xiangshan '.Autumn day early 1957, Mr. Wu was visiting pass area, to find the trail, cao xueqin hues. For taking tours of Beijing and China, please visit Forbidden City Tour for details.
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