can the internet help women feel better about their breasts?

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Idea of True & Co
Michelle Lam came on a shopping trip.
She was the principal of Bain Capital in Boston and moved to San Francisco with her husband in 2011.
\"It wasn\'t until I was stuck in a fitting room at an underwear shop in San Francisco, and two hours later I walked out empty and I was going to focus on bras --
\",\" She said.
\"I have a lot of time to think in the fitting room and I have some insights.
First of all, bra accessories are the worst shopping experience you can have, and secondly, there is no problem with my body as I can\'t find the right bra.
Something went wrong with the product.
\"For those who are not familiar with the mitzvah, the traditional bra accessories are the intersection between your dream of forgetting to wear clothes to school and the episode of Walking Dead.
After entering the boutique, a lady who is usually older and often aggressive is staring at your chest and approaching with crazy intensity.
She stuffed you into the fitting room and asked you to take off your shirt and infer your bra size with her cold hands and tape measure.
Sometimes it is different from what you have;
You\'re ashamed of it.
You ended up buying a couple of $80 bras and left, low morale and broke.
\"The experience of having someone else measure me and narrow me down to one size is something I feel should be questioned,\" Lam said . \".
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True & Co.
Eric Helgas\'s CEO Lam photo for Bloomberg Businessweek
In the summer of 2011, the 35-year-old Lam began designing an alternative for the Internet age.
She started with 500 bras on her credit card.
\"I piled them all up in the living room --
You can imagine how much my husband enjoyed his life . \"
She invited friends to her apartment for a fitting party and bribed them with champagne and sushi, where she asked them about their experiences wearing bras.
Robes and T-shirts available in Lin
Wear shirts for her guinea pigs and hand-write tests for them.
She asked them if their bra was hurt, if the strap was riding, and if the bra made them feel better or worse about themselves.
She doesn\'t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or undress in front of someone else, but she says, \"after sharing their horror story about bras --
Everyone has one.
These women don\'t care to undress in front of each other.
In April 2012, she moved all her bras to an office.
\"Is it me or a bra? \" said Lin\'s husband ? \")
And completed her first round of financing in two years. week frenzy.
So far, she has raised $6 million from investors including cross-link Capital and FundersClub.
Lin accepted the bra and complaints and made an online questionnaire based on the 6,000 types she identified as she described, asking questions such as: How old is your bra?
How do you feel about filling? Are you right-or left-breasted?
Did you dig in your shoulder strap?
What is your dress size? True & Co.
Launched the website of the bra
Later that year, the pick quiz had to be temporarily closed after receiving thousands of orders.
Lin said more than 1 million women filled out the quiz in two years and the company has shipped more than one bra.
Each income is about $45, more than $22 million.
At least six. funded e-
Commercial lingerie companies have appeared in the past two years, and most people want to overthrow the size system that has existed since the 1930 s, when an American underwear company that has now closed downH. Camp & Co.
, Start using letters A to D for its products.
Standardized according to the size of 1970 s, the band size number is 30 years old and above, which is a measure of the top of the female rib cage. Most U. S.
Underwear companies use the same fit model, so Victoria Secret\'s 34B should fit the same as Playtex\'s 34B.
However, in actual operation, the sizes and cup shapes of different manufacturers are different;
A woman may be 32 years old in one store and 34 years old in another.
On 2005, Oprah Winfrey aired a program dedicated to finding the right bra for 80% of women wearing the wrong size, according to unverifiable research.
\"American woman, you need to stand up and put on the right bra,\" Oprah sings.
\"On Last April, friends Lauren Schwab and Marissa vospé from the University of Pennsylvania left their private equity and marketing jobs in New York, working together at an online lingerie store to buy less embroidery, respectively, product with no padding, no itchy label.
Another pair of New York friends, Li Yuna (private equity)
Chen Jiapei (a lawyer)
The goal is to create Warby Parker for underwear.
Customers will receive multiple bras of different sizes to try on, keeping only those that are valid.
Orit Hashay, an Israeli venture capitalist, founded Brayola;
She plans to get crowdsourcing referrals from women of similar size and size.
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True & Co.
The push of the whole universe
Former Google executive Heidi Zak and her husband, former partner of Sequoia Capital, Dave Spector, invested $54 to build
Zak says the inspiration behind her career comes from her experience as a new mom.
\"My life is very busy.
I really don\'t have time to drive to the lingerie store on Saturday afternoon and I don\'t want to wear that awkward dress eitherRoom experience.
\"At about the same time, Morgan Hemand --
Waiche, a Frenchman at business school in New York, wants to buy underwear for his girlfriend\'s birthday.
He couldn\'t afford anything he liked, so he thought: the fast fashion of underwear!
His company, who worships me, is the only bra startup run by men.
This is also the most funded one --
The total amount from companies such as pre-investment, Mousse Partners and redhills\' Ventures was $11 million. Like True & Co.
, Adore Me uses questionnaires to guide customers to choose the right style based on their specific shape.
This is similar to the dating app Tinder, which provides images of women in sexy underwear, and requires users to slide in one way if they like this look, and if they are not interested, use another
Most brands launch two or three series a year, but worship me has new series every month. It’s cheap—bras are $39.
95, the site offers a VIP subscription option at $ 40a per month.
Customers receive a selection of underwear each month for free shipping and return.
Like my peers, I adore selling in the language of \"Women First.
\"We are all focused on women\'s empowerment,\" Adore Klapka said . \" She is my head of business development.
\"We are partners in lean.
Still, it seems that the site that worships Me provides an old one
A way of being empowered, a way men want;
It includes the Spice Girls costume for Halloween as well as $39. 95.
Klapka said revenue was $5 in 2013.
The VIP customer base has grown by 6 million.
All bra startups are trying to steal the depression from Victoria\'s secrets, and this kind of robbery can bring huge profits.
Sales of underwear stores (
Bra, underwear and pajamas included)in the U. S.
According to research firm IBISWorld, it reached about $13 billion in 2013;
Almost half of this number is Victoria\'s Secret account.
Established in 1977 and sold to limited company (now LBrands)
Secret mail from Victoria, 1983
The emergence of the order business and shopping malls surged in the early 1980 s and 90 s, and in 1997 with the introduction of Victoria\'s Secret Angels began to enter the culture everywhere.
Super models such as Tyra Banks and Helena kristens became synonymous with the store, its bubble --
Full of innovations in the 20th century of magic bra cutting.
The company has now ventured out of underwear to become a lifestyle brand with the launch of pink in 2002, a collection for young customers, as well as swimwear, beauty and perfume collections.
Victoria\'s Secret runway show has also achieved great marketing success.
Last year, 15 million viewers watched the model Karlie Kloss push on the runway in a psychedelic butterfly suit and pink. up bra. (
Victoria\'s Secret declined to comment. )
The rest of the market is high-end department-
Store brands such as Chantelle, Natori and huagel retail for about $80;
Franchise branches of large fashion companies such as Donna Karan and Calvin Klein;
Expensive, sexy lines like agents Provocateur and La Perla, whose bras cost up to $500 each, are popular on wedding nights and Valentine\'s Day.
In addition, home brands and lower brands in specialty stores such as Journelle and Intimacy
Terminal brands such as Playtex, loom fruit and Maidenform.
The idea of recycling underwear from Victoria\'s secrets is the slogan of a bra startup.
\"So much of the underwear space is run by men,\" said Schwab of Negative Underwear.
\"That\'s why so many products are not suitable because the focus is on aesthetics.
They don\'t think about what it will feel, but what it will look like.
\"Startups don\'t offer women\'s shops with good lighting in high-end shopping areas, so they make up for it by promising good quality and more choices that are usually achieved through allegedly scientific data
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One afternoon in October, I tried the app for ThirdLove, stood in front of the mirror and took away half of the unflattering stuff
Nude selfie, a harsh woman\'s voice told me to hold the iPhone so it captures the exact right angle of my bra.
\"Improve the right side of the phone a little,\" she said . \".
\"Remove the phone from the mirror.
The left side of the phone is slightly raised.
\"In the end, I got it. The Flash will turn off automatically.
\"Well done,\" she said . \"
A few minutes later, the app spit out my bra size and guided me to the ThirdLove site where the average price of the bra is around $45, simple and comfortable with few sexy details
The process takes about 15 minutes to complete.
Zak swore the whole thing was a real computer.
Generated, no bra
Savsavant will stare at my picture.
Half price discountcups—
The app may tell you that you are a 32-year-old and not a 32-year-old.
It\'s an expensive innovation because the production volume per bra has to be twice the size, but Zak says that in terms of customer satisfaction, the cost is made up of costs: \"I\'m half a cup!
Susan, an outdoor enthusiast, wrote on her website.
\"Fitness used to be a real problem for me. Not anymore.
The bra for \"worship me\" costs up to 42 grams, while most Victoria\'s Secret bras stop at 38DDD: \"If you\'re a woman of more than 10 yards, you won\'t be invited to a party \"saying you like my Klapka. (
According to the underwear retailer Intimacy\'s 2013 survey of more than 60,000 women, the average bra size for women has increased from 34B to 34DD over the past 20 years as Americans have grown larger. )
Klapka curated a box of \"worship me\" underwear for me, which was packed in a smooth black carton and the goods were packed in pink paper.
Bra with padding, lace and push
Come here in black, pink and neon blue.
When I asked Klapka about the amazing similarities between their secret bra and Victoria, she smiled.
\"It\'s because we took the former design director from Victoria\'s Secret,\" she said . \".
Negative emotions are more concentrated, targeting what Vosper calls \"New York Working Girl,\" and from the pictures on the site, she metabolizes food almost immediately.
The $75 bra features a minimalist, unlined design;
They wear pure and low clothes. backed shirts.
Vostel and Schwab, who are they?
They spent two years traveling around the world looking for the best materials.
French hook and eye, Japanese elastic, American and Belgian fabric.
\"So much underwear is sold in a way related to peeping,\" Schwab said . \".
\"We took it-for you.
Lines like \"Smart is super sexy\" and \"bra doesn\'t have to suck\" pepper Negative\'s website.
A gorgeous silver zipper with a negative bra arrival-lock bag.
They look beautiful, but because they don\'t have a lining, they are the best for smaller sizes. The direct-to-
The consumer model, Schwab says, helps reduce the cost of bras, and she and her peers believe that young women who used to shop online will not miss physical attempts --
Assembly process in factors or pain.
Danielle McCoy, an analyst at Wunderlich Securities, focuses on the underwear market, a bra start-up skeptic.
She warned that it was still a challenge for women to give up the store experience.
\"It is very important for Victoria\'s Secret customers to get in touch, feel and try it on,\" McCormick said . \".
\"Brand loyalty is high in the underwear industry.
Once women find brands, sizes and styles they like, it\'s hard for them to try different brands.
This is very interesting.
The bras I wear are bought from Chantelle and I buy them.
They are comfortable for me.
I buy it online or several times a year from Bloomingdale, a bottle of $80 because I\'m too lazy to investigate cheaper options and Victoria\'s Secret is not my style.
A quick survey of my friends shows the same buying habits.
People will only buy the mini products of huagel.
Another oath from Calvin Klein. A co-
The worker is wearing a French brand called Empreinte.
Its bra costs $150, but, she says, it\'s the only one that supports her properly.
The real challenge for these companies will not be to find the perfect match, nor will there be the coolest apps, or even lower costs.
This will prompt women to change their habits about one of the most private and paid deals.
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Worship me, Katarina for $49.
As venture capital continues to advance, startups have time to keep trying. True & Co.
Recently launched a size system called TrueSpectrum, which assigns customers a color that corresponds to her shape.
For example, the \"yellow crystal\" is full, round, and the \"mulberry Berry\" is full.
To test this I ordered four bras of my color: one Betsey Johnson, one Calvin Klein, two True & Co. line.
So, what is the conclusion of the upcoming data?
Subversion of the bra industry? They’reu2009…u2009OK.
They won\'t hurt me, they won\'t hurt me, but any kind of revolutionary and idealistic fit can\'t escape me.
They were pushed to the back of my underwear drawer, behind the tea pants. I was so-
The same is true for other brands, even though I like ThirdLove best.
It\'s hard to have a word disagree about the horrors of the elderly in their sales pitch
School decoration experience, but the application of big data in clothing that supports our chest is limited. True & Co.
Often referred to as \"Netflix of bras\"
They recently hired Chris Pouliot, Netflix\'s former director of algorithms and analytics, as a consultant.
He is helping to mine data to optimize the customer experience, and some of the things he has learned are enjoyable: for example, people who raise cats buy more lace bras than people who raise dogs.
He also found that married women prefer \"comfortable\" bras, \"sexy and romantic\" single bras, while women in love like the bra in the middle.
An aggressive lady with cold hands could have told me that.
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