Cancer Surgery in India at Mumbai and Delhi at Low Cost

by:Sinowon     2020-07-09
Cancer surgery: Physically removing cancer The prospect of cancer surgery may make you feel anxious. Put your mind at ease by learning more about cancer surgery and how and why it's used. Cancer surgery : - an operation to repair or remove part of your body to diagnose or treat cancer - remains the foundation of cancer treatment. Your doctor may use cancer surgery to achieve any number of goals, from diagnosing your cancer to treating it to relieving the symptoms it causes. Cancer surgery may be your only treatment, or it may be supplemented with other treatments, such as radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and biological therapy. How is cancer surgery used in treatment ? Cancer surgery may be used to achieve one or more goals. Common reasons you might undergo cancer surgery include : - How is cancer surgery traditionally performed ? Traditionally, the primary purpose of cancer surgery is to cure your cancer by physically removing all of it from your body. The surgeon usually does this by cutting into your body and removing the cancer along with some surrounding tissue to ensure that all of the cancer is removed. Your surgeon may also remove some lymph nodes in the area to determine if the cancer has spread. This helps your doctor assess the chance of your being cured, as well as the need for any further treatment. In the case of breast cancer surgery, your doctor may remove the cancer by removing the whole breast (mastectomy) or by removing only the portion of your breast that contains the cancer and some of the surrounding tissue (lumpectomy). In the case of lung cancer surgery, your doctor may remove part of one lung (lobectomy) or the entire lung (pneumonectomy) in an attempt to ensure that all the cancer has been removed. What other techniques are used in cancer surgery ? Many other types of surgical methods for treating cancer and precancerous conditions exist, and investigators are always researching new methods. Some common types of cancer surgery include : - What can you expect before and after cancer surgery ? Preparation and healing from cancer surgery varies greatly based on the operation you're undergoing. But in general, you can expect certain similarities, including : - What are the risks of cancer surgery ? As with any surgery, cancer surgery does carry risks. What side effects you might experience after cancer surgery will depend on your specific surgery. In general, most cancer operations carry a risk of : -
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