choosing a microscope: compound or stereo microscope?

by:Sinowon     2020-04-29
Your application is the most important factor when choosing a microscope.
What you need to see and what you want to do with this image will determine what kind of microscope you need.
There are usually two types of microscope: Composite microscope or stereo microscope.
The most common is a composite microscope.
When people think of a microscope, it is one that most people imagine.
A microscope with an eyepiece is called a one-eye microscope;
With two eyepiece, it\'s called a pair of eyes microscope, or it may have an extra camera tube called a three-eye microscope.
There are many goals for a composite microscope (
The closest lens to the object being viewed)
Different magnification mounted on rotatable nasal nail
It uses the light source below the stage to illuminate the slide.
These microscopy are often used to observe very small objects, such as cells or bacteria.
The magnification of a composite microscope ranges from 40 X to 1000X.
The actual magnification can be calculated by multiplying the power of the eyepiece by the power of the objective lens.
Another microscope is called a stereo microscope or an anatomical microscope.
It uses two eyepiece and two paired targets.
The stereo microscope has a model with full zoom function and a model with only two magnification settings.
Stereo microscopy is particularly useful for biologists who perform anatomy, technicians who build or repair circuit boards, ancient biologists who clean and inspect fossils, or anyone who needs to handle small objects by hand.
You can find a stereo microscope with built-in light sources from above, below or at all.
The magnification is usually much lower than the composite microscope, but by multiplying the power of the eyepiece by the power of the objective lens, so is the magnification.
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