Connection of hydraulic system of tensile testing machine

by:Sinowon     2021-07-27
Connection of hydraulic system of tensile testing machine

The hydraulic system is the power drive mechanism of the tensile testing machine. When the tensile testing machine is connected to the hydraulic system, we need to pay attention to the following connection matters of the hydraulic system of the tensile testing machine. Let us take a look at it in detail.    One, dismantle each part For the strapping, clean the inside of the tubing with clean kerosene, especially the connection threads of each tubing.    Two, check whether the gasket at the joint is intact, if it is damaged due to transportation, you should use the new gasket attached to the tensile testing machine to install it. , To prevent oil leakage under high pressure.    Third, use a suitable wrench to connect each oil pipe, if it is a seamless copper pipe, connect the host, and rely on the movement of the console to adjust the spacing to connect the console end.    Fourth, put the residual oil in the tank Remove the oil and remove the residue in the fuel tank.    5. Open the iron door of the hydraulic control box, you can see the wire mesh oil filter, and when the oil is filled, the oil filter is injected into the oil tank. The tensile testing machine usually uses hydraulic oil, and it should be used in summer. Use hydraulic oil with a higher viscosity, and use a hydraulic oil with a lower viscosity in winter.    VI. Pay attention to the oil level when refueling the tensile testing machine. Too little oil, the testing machine cannot work normally, and too much oil will cause hydraulic oil Leak from the working cylinder port.
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