custom linear slide kit motor mounts available with five-day production guarantee from gam.

by:Sinowon     2020-03-19
GAM customized linear slide kit Installation Solution for medical device manufacturers is now available in five days.
Custom LSK from Mount Prospect, Ill. -
GAM-based is compatible with any linear slider, belt or ball screw actuator and any motor or gearbox.
GAM provides all engineering and design for each custom LSK installation solution.
Delivery of multiple belts or ball screw actuators within one to two weeks;
However, the motor mounting assembly can extend the lead
4 to 6 weeks and a substantial increase in costs to the General Assembly.
GAM\'s LSK is available in a variety of sizes with a variety of customization
Boring coupling options.
Can provide high rigidity bellows, can also provide rubber when the need for damping.
The LSK includes all the necessary installation hardware to make the installation as simple as tightening the bolts. [
Slightly] IllustrationsMore info: (888)GAM-7117; www. gamgear.
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