Details that need to be paid attention to when using the testing machine

by:Sinowon     2021-07-25
Details that need to be paid attention to when using the testing machine

In order to prevent accidents, safety protection devices are installed in the design of the testing machine. Then what problems should we pay attention to when using the testing machine? With this question, let us look at the following content together .  1. If the oil pump suddenly stops working during the test, the load should be removed at this time to reduce the oil pressure, and the oil pump should be restarted after inspection for the test. The oil pump should not be started under high pressure or the cause of the accident should not be checked.   2 、If the electrical appliance fails when the testing machine is working, and the start or stop button does not work, the power should be cut off immediately to stop the testing machine.    Third, it is forbidden to operate on the machine without operating the machine. All parts of the testing machine should be frequently Wipe clean, wipe clean without spray paint, wipe it with cotton yarn and a small amount of oil to prevent rust, and pay attention to wiping during the rainy season, and cover with a dust cover when not in use to prevent dust from intruding.    Four, each test After the test bench is lowered, the piston does not fall to the bottom of the cylinder, and a little distance is left to facilitate the next use. All valves on the dynamometer should not be opened and placed, so as to prevent dust from entering the interior and affecting the sensitive performance of the measuring mechanism. When the test is suspended. The oil pump motor should be turned off.
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