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by:Sinowon     2020-12-23

With learning having moved out of the traditional chalk and talk to anywhere anytime, new-media digital learning, the buzz with publishers, learning companies and educational content providers is to create engaging digital learning products that work on smartphones, tablets and PCs across platforms and browsers. An overwhelming majority of teachers and parents believe that if anything at all, it is digital media that has the potential to rapidly change the way children learn. It has made education far more interactive, engaging and customizable to meet the requirements of every kind of student. At the same time it is digital learning that provides a fresh vision of learning, bringing education within reach of a much larger audience through web-based online learning.

Magic Software, (India) partners with educational technology companies around the globe to build rich interactive content and digital applications that help learners learn better and teachers teach better. At Magic we believe that the real worth of educational technology lies in making a difference in the lives of learners and along with the products we build for our business partners we also offer a range of smart, integrated digital solutions - eBook readers and platforms, authoring platforms, DRM solutions and a range of mobile and tablet solutions - that can be licensed to build their own digital products.

Using the latest , cutting-edge technologies these next -generation digital learning products do not just enhance the learning experience but create new standards for learners, bringing learning to life through educational games, mobile apps, eBooks and interactive whiteboard software. Yes, through the range of products we create not just for K12 but for professional education and corporate training too, we pride ourselves with not just taking learning outside the classroom but helping make the classroom a better and happier place to be in.

New learning platforms are not just more interactive or intuitive, they also provide a pedagogical road map that allows instructors to tailor their content, assignments and exams while giving individual students more options in how they approach and pace their own learning.

With proven delivery excellence and product development expertise in the eLearning domain, we enhance the competitive advantage of our partners by working as a seamless extension of their enterprise and providing efficiencies around time, cost, and domain expertise. The digital learning products we build for our business partners not only help them stay one step ahead in their space but meet international standards in accessibility, usability and the newest delivery mechanisms. If your business is digital educational products, we will support you to build the best.

Mobile Apps & Games

2011 marked a giant leap for educational technology with smartphones and tablets entering the world of learning in a big way. Mobile Apps and games are a refreshing new way of learning and more than one million mobile Apps were developed last year; and the number keeps increasing every day. Children spend more and more time accessing mobile games and apps on smartphones and tablets and it is here that publishers see an opportunity to make inroads. Learn while you play - withfor mobiles and tablets.

Keeping in mind the revolution that smartphones and tablets are bringing about in education, we at Magic Software (India) develop a range of engaging and entertaining mobile and tablet Apps that can be used for K12, professional and corporate learning. We have also developed a range of educational games with amazing graphics and great mechanics, for our business partners that can be accessed on not just smartphones and tablets but can also be used on interactive whiteboards in the classroom! Many of these are built using Magic's proprietary platforms.

Being in the business of developing eLearning products for the past 23 years, we have what it takes to create a range of Apps and mobile games that work across a range of operating systems. These educate while entertaining, and are created to give the ultimate user experience. In fact, many mobile Apps and games are being used increasingly to transform the way children learn and remove many of the fears of learning in subjects like mathematics and science.

There is no doubt that mobiles and tablets have become a catalyst for interactive learning and whether it be for the iOS, Android or Windows, publishers and learning companies can be sure that it is in this segment that they can take care of both the top and bottom lines in their business. Apps and games that also combine entertainment with health and wellness are another area to explore along with the ever-growing educational space.

Developing Apps and games for mobiles and tablets is the biggest thing going in today's digital world and by leveraging Magic's 23 years of experience in digital learning, global publishers and learning companies can gain an advantage in the digital product world.Especially so when these Apps and games can be integrated with other devices too. Social gaming and serious gaming are on the rise and need to be watched closely as the next big thing to go mobile!


Magic Software is an educational technology company partnering with the world's leading publishers, education content providers, and training companies to build rich interactive internet applications and digital media products. Collaborating with our partners, we provide innovative, award-winning solutions that integrate content, design, and technology to foster, optimize and enhance digital learning.

Keeping in mind the rapidly changing face of educational technology we ensure our partners stay at the forefront of it.The rich media products we create motivate, inspire and engage learners and empower teachers to take learning to the next level on their terms and devices!

While our focus is on enhancing K12 digital learning through ePub, web based and standalone products, eBooks, IWB software, eAssessments, educational gaming and mobile Apps, we also enable the lifelong learner through building a host of innovative solutionslike an eBook reader, an authoring platform, a Digital Rights Management solution, where the learner is central to the development process - ensuring the ultimate user experience!

While following this learner-centric approach we never lose focus on supporting our partners to be market leaders in their domain. We give our best to the development and integration of the product, aligning state-of-art technology and sophisticated design with our partner's business needs - and to industry specified standards like AICC and SCORM. No wonder then that we are the preferred development partner for the world's top publishers.

In our quest for excellence we often exceed client expectations and many of the next-gen education multimedia products we have built have won awards for our partners, allowing them to scale new heights.We allow them to focus on their core competencies as we take over the development work for them through a range of services and expert solutions.

With proven delivery excellence and product development expertise in the eLearning domain, we enhance their competitive advantage by working as a seamless extension of their enterprise and providing efficiencies around time, cost, and domain expertise. Our people, processes, and technologies are integrated and optimized to deliver operational excellence 24x7. Our best-practice methodologies focus on continuous improvement to create desired outcomes that add value to digital publishers and learning companies.

We're hungry to learn more, try new things and build on what we achieve. We know that if you stand still you go backwards. We aim to drive innovation across all levels of the eLearning development process - both externally and internally - with cutting-edge thinking and technology to develop innovative solutions that differentiate our partners in the market.

Today, we are recognized by publishers and education content companies as a preferred digital product development partner with the expertise and scale to provide integrated, end-to-end solutions - from content creation to content production and content delivery, using technology, applications, and platforms to support these solutions.

K-12 Digital Publishing

As digital learning invades more and more classrooms around the world and with students being increasingly allowed to bring their own devices to school, publishers are looking to convert the traditional textbooks to digital versionsthrough digital publishing. In fact digital textbooks will definitely help increase revenues for global publishers and we at Magic Software have good reason to innovate and incorporate the latest trends in digital publishing andePub.

Many publishers are going in for a cloud-based curriculum format that makes all course materials, which include ebooks, presentations, assessments and animation clips, available from any device with a browser. We help build these cross curricula learning resources for teaching 21st century students, making them available across browsers, platforms and devices.

As part of the institutional sales process, school districts decide they need a new digital reading program for their school students and request proposals from publishers. If the state likes the proposal, the contract is negotiated. It is here that digital publishing for K-12 is sure to account for a growing chunk of this revenue and is the way to go in the next two years as mobile & tablet learning becomes more and more popular.

Spending on eLearning in the US as a percentage of overall K-12 education expenditure is small, and the national average ratio of students to hardware devices is three-to-one (three students for every computer, tablet, etc.) and so the success of digital textbooks in the US, will depend on whether schools will extend their funding to digital material and hardware. Hence many of the publishers who provide the K-12 digital content will need to partner with the hardware producers such as Apple, insteadof working in silos. This is exactly what the Apple initiative to work with Pearson, HMH and McGraw Hill, is all about.

K-12 publishers all offer digital products now to every corner of the globe, and Magic Software has been associated with many of them in digital publishing not just for the US but in UK, Europe, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Brazil too. Many of these digital products are often bundled with print. As new software tools and applications are being developed to deliver learning it means that more publishers, particularly smaller ones, can get into the digital market at the K-12 level.

There are huge opportunities for K-12 digital publishing and it is upto the discovery of 'disruptive' innovative technologies and the choice of appropriate business models that can transform this sector to a wider acceptance of digital material.Apple has already announced a set of tools that make it easier to publish interactive textbooks and other digital educational content for the iPad and the buzz has already caught on among major publishers. Be there or get left behind!

Interactive eBooks

With a focus on educational technology we at Magic Software, are excited about the world of Interactive eBooks and reinventing reading. So just what is an Interactive eBook? Is it more than an eBook?eBooks were the first to be produced to allow reading on devices such as the Kindle or iPad and have very limited interactivity. One can flip pages, search for content, highlight words, view a glossary, or play with font size and colors. These eBooks brought back the joy of reading to many.

And how different is an eBook from an app? it is all about the formats. Apps are mostly nativeiOS or Android software whereas eBooks are documents of a particular format following the open standards ePUB and .mobi (Mobipocket). Simple eBooks can be distinguished from Interactive eBooks or enhanced eBooks where the format used is ePUB3 or KF8 (Kindle Format 8). The ieBook using ePUB3 is a new digital publication standard that allows easy integration of video, audio and interactivity.

Interactive eBooks take reading to a new level. Typically read on a tablet computer like the iPad, Xoom or the Galaxy tab, an ieBook is a complete multimedia experience, with clever swipeable graphics, audios and videos, and cool data visualizations to play around with. It allows the reader/user to interact with the user interface, the storyline and the interactive infographics,through sound, sight and touch and hence not only provides added value but enhances the reading and learning experience. So while an eBook focusses on menu navigation to flip a page, view an image or text and find content, the ieBook provides user interaction with the content and storyline - a unique experience every time.

Itengages the reader to 'play along' and creates an experience beyond the printed format. For example, a children's book could allow the characters on the sreen to move by 'touching' them, or a cookbook could have a timer on the recipe you are following. It could actually let you simulate certain effects!

And interestingly many of them are being developed to be read on smartphones too. Interactive eBookstherefore truly advance the future of digital educational material and textbooks especially. Imagine a digital textbook that may be able to read itself to you through the audio narration or offer the benefit to make and share annotations without destroying the book or take an interactive self-test whenever required. A truly enjoyable reading and learning experience beyond the printed format!

Magic Software's Interactive eBook developers do not just reinvent reading but bring the fun of interactivity to the ieBooks. Their solution makes it easy for publishers to drag in images and text to make spectacular digital books that have a host of features. These ieBooks indeed revolutionize the way people consume the printed word and focus on enhancing the experience to create value and fun - an experience that would be impossible in print.

We are aware of what the future has in store for digital publishing and leveraging on our years of expertise in the field of educational technology, we build Interactive eBooks to create an unparalleled experience. Yes, interactive eBooks or enhanced eBooks are all about adding value through interactivity by using the full capabilities of a touch device to engage the user and enhance the learning and reading experience.

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