distance measuring device with automatic alarm

by:Sinowon     2020-01-02
Today, I will show you how to make distance measuring devices with automatic alarms using Arduino Uno boards and ultrasonic sensors.
It will show your distance on the LCD display, and if something is in a fixed range, it will warn you on the LCD, LED lights and sound.
All the parts are connected to the breadboard with wires. Video Link-
Distance measuring device with automatic alarm function
Distance measuring device with automatic alarm website-
We observed more: it worked here.
Is the list of parts required to make a distance table with automatic alerts.
Read more about the purchase of parts and links for automatic alarm remote measuring devices and purchase: distance measuring devices follow the above circuit and carefully assemble everything on the breadboard, connect the Arduino board to the PC with the connection cable and upload the following code.
Measuring tool with automatic alarm function.
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