Do you know the requirements of the tensile test machine in the tensile test?

by:Sinowon     2021-07-16
Do you know the requirements of the tensile test machine in the tensile test?
 Do you know the requirements of tensile testing machine?  With the development of domestic economy and technology, more and more rally machine companies in our country are targeting foreign markets. With the development of international economic integration, companies in all walks of life have felt the pressure of development. The development history of my country's tensile machine industry has been more than 60 years, and products are constantly being replaced. After the reform and opening up, domestically produced tensile machines occupy an important position in our country. At the same time, through continuous technical research, the technology of my country's production of tensile machines and the international production technology level have gradually shortened the distance.  The development of tensile machines requires constant innovation. We need to use technology and combine innovation and development. Taking the line of sustainable development is the way to grow a tensile machine enterprise. Therefore, more and more tensile machine companies are beginning to pay attention to scientific and technological personnel. We need to continue to learn more advanced tensile machine skills, which will increase the scientific and technological content of the tensile machine and the added value of the product. Today, the editor will introduce to you the requirements that the samples need to pay attention to when the tensile machine is conducting the plastic tensile test:   1. The tested sample should be uniform in width and thickness. The length is 50mm longer than the fixed length. The sample The rated width should be no more than 5 and no more than 25.4mm, and the ratio of width to thickness should be at least 8. The narrow sample amplifies the strain and cracks at the edge of the sample. 2. When the tensile machine measures the coefficient of elasticity, the length of the sample is 250mm. This length is used to minimize the impact of clamping on the test results. When the length is not feasible, the length of the test area can be up to 100mm without affecting the test. As a result, however, the length of 250mm is still used for arbitration. When testing shorter samples, the test rate should be adjusted so that the strain rate is equal to the standard sample.  3. When the tensile machine cuts the sample, avoid the defects that may cause the sample to break prematurely. The two sides of the sample should be parallel, and the edge width should be less than 5% of the length between the two samples.  4. The suspicious material is anisotropic. Two sets of samples should be prepared separately. Its long axis should be parallel and perpendicular to the direction of anisotropy. 5. The thickness of the test sample should be kept constant, and the thickness of the sample should be less than 10% of the sample length in between, the thickness of the material is less than 0,25mm, when the thickness of the material is greater than 0,25mm and less than 1,00mm, the thickness of the sample Should be less than 5% of the fixed sample length.

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