Eating while driving is more dangerous than you thought

by:Sinowon     2020-01-21
According to and, the driver\'s distraction was identified as the cause of the car accident in about the first quarter.
For most people, it is well known that drivers are distracted by texting on their mobile phones.
However, there is another day-to-day practice in competing for the first place.
Griffith Health Institute, Gold Coast, Queensland, found that there was also a driver distracted, which was as dangerous as texting.
You may be surprised by the discovery.
Eating while driving.
On the Australian highway, it is not uncommon to see people driving to eat hamburgers.
When they were careful not to spill the sauce on the shorts, we all saw the serious face.
You might be the one with that face.
When people talk about eating while driving, the argument is often about legitimacy, not the risk factor.
There, a man was fined for eating a cheeseburger while driving.
The driver joked that maybe he liked the burger too much-implying that face-the driver\'s lawyer thought the charge was \"the first time for me \".
He was later proved right.
One of the reasons cited is that there was no accident.
Meanwhile, last year, former King Malone
English Premier League soccer players were sentenced to 18 months in prison for dangerous driving in Nottingham, England.
When he was driving, his office
The driving study completed by researchers at Griffith Health Institute requires male and female participants to operate a driving simulator when trying three different tasks, compared to their baseline (no distraction) test drive.
The task when driving is to drink only water, drink water, eat 6 inch Subway sandwiches, drink water and send text messages.
Previous studies have found that diet is responsible.
The problem with a previous study was to use a pack of sweets as \"food \".
The difference in the Griffith Institute of Health research is that its purpose is to use food and beverages, and food needs more concentration to limit spills compared to the consumption of fast food restaurants.
Dr Chris Owen, lead researcher at the project, said: \"The results of the study basically show that trials of texting or eating while driving have caused the same degree of decline in driving performance,\" said the Griffith Institute of Health.
Participants were also asked what they thought was the most difficult task in the study.
Dr. Irwin suggested that almost all participants (23 out of 28) said texting was the most difficult and only 5 thought eating was the most difficult.
\"It\'s clear that they don\'t believe this based on their driving performance --
Because they are all bad, so maybe they say it\'s the most difficult, because texting and driving are getting a lot of attention from the media, eating is usually considered an act that can be done while driving \", dr. Owen said.
Australia\'s highway regulations have taken a tough stance on using handheld phones while driving by SMS.
This is illegal, including fines and penalty losses.
This strong hard stance means that in the promotion of a range of other safe driving initiatives, there are a number of state-based activities that highlight the importance of not using handheld phones while driving, including drunk driving and fatigue.
The issue of distraction is widely covered in the security initiative, that is, eating while driving.
A spokesman for traffic and major roads suggested, \"there is no rule to ban eating while driving, but distracted drivers are dangerous for themselves and other road users.
If eating while driving interferes with the driver\'s control of the vehicle, the driver may commit a crime depending on the situation.
The general manager of Marg Prendergast Road Safety Center confirmed, \"It\'s not illegal to eat while you\'re driving, but it\'s illegal to not have proper control over your vehicle.
\"If the police find that the driver is not properly in control of their vehicle, they will be fined $415 and 3 points noted according to the new state road rules, she said.
Although the driver involved in the cheese burger incident did not have an accident, the same is true in Australia.
\"Assess the crime based on the case --by-
A spokesman for Transport and Main Roads confirmed the basis of the case, including whether the incident occurred \".
So, drink
When participants only drink bottled water while driving and drink alcoholic beverages while driving, the results showed no difference from baseline tests.
\"We believe that this is the complexity of the task and the mental needs required for eating or texting (higher-demand tasks) Dr. irwin explained:\" Compared to the low requirements required to complete a task, like drinking water from a bottle. \".
The study also showed that there was no difference between male and female participants in the study conducted with Dr. Irwin, confirming that distraction had an adverse effect on everyone, regardless of gender.
The recommendation based on the results of the study is to increase the possible requirements for public health information and raise awareness of hazards during diet and driving.
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