Electronic tools have come a long way from its

by:Sinowon     2020-12-28

Endoscope - Though designed for the medical sector, endoscope is widely used for inspecting and maintaining electronic equipments. Due to its flexible optical fiber cable, it can locate problems deep inside the machines. Ideally, they are equipped with LED to locate problems in the dark interior portions of the machine. Various other features are added to the endoscope to make it a more effective tool for inspection.

Circuit Analyzer- Also known as multimeter, this tool helps to find out whether the electrical system in your equipment is still functioning or not. It tests the continuity of electric flow.

Cordless Screwdriver-This is a very handy tool for drilling purposes. It not only charges quickly but also holds the charge for a long time. They also have many other features integrated into it to meet your requirements more promptly. You can set the rotation speed, torque and so on to make the drilling process much easier.

Wire Stripper- Wire stripper is a simple tool used to remove the insulator of the wire without cutting the wire itself. Some wire strippers also provide information on the length of the insulator that it would strip off.

Thermal Imaging Camera- This tool is mainly used for the inspection of your electronic machinery. The thermal imaging camera scans your machinery to provide information about the temperature distributions, energy wastes, electrical and moisture concerns etc.

Self Bonding Repair Tapes- These tapes help to connect different components for repair. When used, they not only provide insulation but also water resistance to the component. Moreover, they protect metals from corrosion. Self bonding repair tapes are easy to use too.

While purchasing tools for maintenance and repair requirements make sure that you use only good quality tools. They not only last longer but are also very important for your safety too. Also, keep your tools clean after using them. Lubricate them with oil in order to keep rust away. Above all, clearly follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer while using these tools.

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