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by:Sinowon     2020-12-24

Educational Sector has seen an immense growth and advancement in past few decades itself. As a result, teaching-learning methods are becoming more and more interactive and innovative. The usage of ICT and AV resources including Vision Visualisers, Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors and Audience Response Systems has tremendously increased.

One Interactive ICT solution which is gaining huge positive response is a Visualiser.

A Visualiser is a presentation and training resource that consist of a stage and a camera that gets easily connected to Interactive Whiteboard, Computer and Projector. The objects placed on the stage is then projected onto an Interactive Whiteboard via a ceiling mounted Projector. The image or data can be captured on the P.C and then annotated using software tools or saved for future teaching sessions or reference.

One such incredible pedagogically innovative visualiser is Genee Vision Visualiser. It is a 'Must Have' facility within the communication, presentation and training environment.

Genee Vision Visualisers are unique because of several outstanding features they possess.

These Multi-Platform Visualisers easily integrate with all ICT Solutions and workable across all networks, servers and software platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac.

Genee Vision Visualisers promote collaborative work by capturing classroom notes, load annotation tools, and navigate websites, documents and presentation slides. At the same time these Vision Visualisers are capable of integrating text from Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Word Files, and Web Pages or accessing Spreadsheets into a presentation.

Genee Vision Visualisers are time and money saving resource as they eliminates the high cost of creating and distributing print outs. Genee Vision Visualisers not only creates slides from multiple data sources and external system but it prepare, manage and control data in protected and organized way. Presentations can be saved and uploaded onto internet or intranet for multi-site viewing with the help of Genee Vision Visualisers. Image split and freeze options are also available in these for better viewing and effective presentations.

Besides the fact that these Genee Vision Visualisers are a powerful training tool to enhance the teaching ideas and educational assessment, they are also an ideal solution for Corporate, Training, Education, Science Labs, Dental Labs, Medical Research, Broadcast Studios and Conference Rooms.

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