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by:Sinowon     2020-06-17
LTFS and LTO propel the way for the future of data archive, leaving optical discs to the past. As companies scramble to take advantage of this new technology, Crossroads Systems has shown signs of early adoption with their new product, StrongBox. StrongBox functions as a data archive, using LTFS and LTO tape technology to transform tape into an always online, file-based system, giving end users maximum control of data retrieval. Linear Tape Open (LTO) refers to tape technology by which drives and cartridges function without proprietary stipulations. LTO was developed to enhance opportunity for enterprise collaboration across vendor archival systems. LTO now includes LTFS formatting to ensure that tape data is organized in a standard file system accessible to any end user, regardless of drive or tape brand. LTO/LTFS pave the road for innovative storage solutions much like the recently developed StrongBox, from Crossroads Systems. LTO, LTFS and disk utilization make this product the first vendor-neutral, enterprise solution for long-term, rapidly accessible data archives. Already deployed by a leading retail IT Management Company, StrongBox provides cost-effective storage capabilities, scaling for company growth while maintaining integrity of data through automated verification features. LTO/LTFS propelled StrongBox into the market in November 2011, and we're sure to see advances in these types of technology flourish over the next few years. The latest generation of LTO tapes, LTO5 can be formatted with LTFS to ensure a file-system-like view of data for end users. To better understand what this means for companies looking for long-term data archive systems, let's explore a new product recently deployed in the market. StrongBox was introduced by Crossroads Systems several months ago as a game-changing alternative to traditional archive solutions. Presented by the company as a Tier 3 data archive solution, StrongBox utilizes LTO5 LTFS to essentially remedy all the negative aspects of tape, while keeping costs low. All of this means that tape doesn't have to be locked-down and out of reach. In fact, now more than ever, tape shows itself as a workable media for data archiving. LTO5 LTFS-enabled tapes have increasing advantages of previous versions including: 1.5TB native capacity, 140Mbps transfer rate and data partitioning.
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