For more than a century sports timekeeping has

by:Sinowon     2020-05-21
Omega has also been responsible for the timekeeping at some of the world's most prestigious sporting events, including an amazing 25 Olympic Games. They have also been responsible for the development of the equipment which has made sure that the technology has kept up with ever improving sporting performances. The most recent Olympic Games, London 2012, showed Omega assuming these responsibilities again as Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games for the 25th time. Omega measured, displayed and distributed the results of each event at every venue. In 1948 Omega was the official timekeeper for the London Olympic Games and launched a commemorative Seamaster line and this collection has been an important part of its line of products ever since. In honour of the London 2012 London Olympic Games Omega produced the Seamaster 1948 'London 2012' Limited Edition. This watch is based on the design of the very first Seamaster and the watch is as stylish now as it was over sixty years ago. In commemoration of these Olympic Games Omega have also created the Seamaster Aqua 44mm London Chorongraph which comes in two configurations. One has binocular case crafted using 18ct red gold and stainless steel and the other stainless steel with a matching bracelet. It is not only the Olympics that Omega is associated with, they also support swimming, athletics, golf and sailing. Competitive swimming has come on leaps and bounds since the days when three timekeepers with stopwatches would crowd each of the eight lanes in international events. Omega has developed equipment which now flawlessly times the races of some of the world's greatest swimmers. In the golfing world, Omega has worked hard to promote golf as a global sport and has been involved in golf tours and tournaments as a sponsor for many years. Track and field has long been one of the most popular sporting events and every year the best athletes from around the world do their utmost to challenge existing records and while doing this put Omega timekeeper to the test. Omega watches have always had an undeniable connection to the sea and Omega produced the world's first divers' watch and this is the only watch to ever have received marine chronometer certification. In summary, Omega is more than qualified to produce sports watches for sports men and women the world over. Their flawless timekeeping functions matched with the stunning overall look of Omega watches makes them the perfect watches for sport.
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