For the foreseeable future looking at 3D images

by:Sinowon     2020-06-21
Engaging the services of a corporate video production company to promote your business through the many mediums available, from terrestrial and satellite TV to corporate websites and social media marketing, the technology of 3D differs from regular 2D video. The production is recorded using a camera such as the Panasonic AF-101 through two side by side lenses simultaneously recording images in a binocular fashion, more akin to how humans view the world through two eyes, giving the impression of a depth of field which is lacking in regular 2D recording. Creating a 3D image which effectively turns a flat image into one which has a depth of field is all about how a person perceives depth. To appreciate a depth of field in an image the brain needs to see two different angles of the same view (look at an object then alternatively blink and the object appears to move) and at the moment the height of sophistication in 3D camera technology which any respectable and professional corporate video production companyshould be using is the AF-101 from Panasonic, which is about the epitome of one hundred and sixty nine years of trying to work out how to create moving 3D images. The alternative is to use 2D high definition but ask anyone who has seen a movie in 3D what they prefer and chances are 99 percent will prefer 3D over 2D every time. Utilizing a forward thinking and professional video production company to provide customised and comprehensive production packages for promo films, documentaries, music videos, info graphics, training products and conferences as well as individually tailored services, such as a camera operator or editor, is the most efficient method of promoting your business through as many media services and web services as possible at a cost effective price. 3D camera technology and the ever increasing sophisticated methods of viewing images, both static and moving images are moving forward apace. Your business could benefit immensely from professional corporate video production from innovative video production services to the corporate, marketing & PR, charity and music sectors made available through video production companyRAW Productions. Contact them today; the address of their website is http://www.rawproductions.tv.
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