fractional flow reserve derived from microcatheters versus standard pressure wires: a stenosis-level meta-analysis

by:Sinowon     2020-02-23
To determine the protocol between sensors-
Micro-guide tube (MC)
And pressure line (PW)-
Export the reserve of fractional flow (FFR).
Comparison of Methods and Results of FFR obtained from MC (
Eden prairie acist Medical System, Navvus microtube system, FFRMC, Minnesota, USA)
With standard PW (FFRPW)
Identified, a yuan.
Numerical and classification consistency analysis was performed.
The drift of MC and PW systems and the relative level of equipment failure in each study were evaluated.
Six studies of 440 lesions (413 patients)were included.
The average overall deviation between FFRMC and FFRPW is-0. 029 (FFRMC lower).
For lesions with lower FFRPW, the deviation and variance are greater (p
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