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by:Sinowon     2020-06-24
To buy digital camera can be quite a harrowing task for many. The terms like mega pixel, optical zoom or SLR might seem familiar as seen on advertisements. However, very few have a clear understanding of what these terms really mean. There are two basic types of digital camera namely the point and shoot type and DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex). The point and shoot type of camera can be used by anyone however, the SLR type is mostly handled by professionals. The DSLR type has much larger sensors than the any normal camera and gives high performance under any type of light. This makes the SLR more expensive than a normal digital camera. Nowadays, digital cameras are getting tinier by size thus more compact to carry and sleek by looks. With lenses that are retractable and long focal length makes it easy for anyone to operate. People often get confused with the mega pixel limits, thinking more the megapixels the higher quality of picture they would get. One mega pixel equals to one million dots (pixel). Thus a higher number of mega pixels would generate a larger print of the photograph taken. While a 3 to 5 mega pixel camera is good for those who want small print size such as post card or album size. Digital cameras with 8-mega pixels and above are used for poster size pictures. Another area where people have less information is the optical zoom. Some people also get confused between a digital zoom and an optical zoom. The optical zoom helps to get a more close up shot of the object more like giving a magnified view of the object. The Digital zoom just increases the pixel size to give a larger image. It is advisable to select a camera with a high optical zoom for higher clarity. Then there are other factors, which also play a role when you buy digital camera such as shutter speed, aperture, flash and landscape. However one may not go into much detail unless one is deciding to buy DSLR types. It would also be wise to know the type of batteries used while buying a digital camera. Why would one buy digital camera with batteries that one might not easily find at a store nearby? Something like an AA sized battery that is easily available anywhere would be sufficient. It is always better to buy cameras that can be charged with adaptors as well as batteries. One must thoroughly check the camera for its performance at the store. Going through the wide variety of brands that are available, one must compare their features and their prices. This way one can make a right selection and no disappointments.
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