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by:Sinowon     2020-07-13
Are you looking for better rifles that rank high on all parameters from design to functionality? Wait! Here is the best, Accuracy International AW rifle. Accuracy International is a reputed rifle brand, and AW (Arctic Warfare) is a series of rifles of this brand. The AW rifles are long action sniper rifles having the distinction of being the first choice for hunting pros all over the world. What completes or complements a rifle? Outer design, inner mechanism, body parts, solid construction, functions and accessories like scope as well as sight complete and complement Accuracy International AW rifles at the same time. Crafted out of high-grade steel, these rifles are solid and strong. On-spot maintenance of AW rifles is easy and requires minimal training. The robust construction combined with a machined recoil attributes stability to the handling of this hunting equipment in all conditions. It is easy to replace the barrels in minutes, when emergency demands. Interchangeability of the major parts between the same caliber rifles in the AW series is a competitive edge over the other brand rifles. The same is to be mentioned about Accuracy International AX 6.5x47 Lapua Rifles. It is the chassis system that makes a rifle strong. The full-length chassis made of aluminum adds to the strength and durability of Accuracy International AW rifles. Everything about Accuracy International from chassis system to the trigger system is remarkable. The AICS chassis sytem of AI rifles packs in good features which are as follows: A high-quality sighting system is a fundamental need, when it comes to aiming the rifle in direction towards the target accurately. ELCAN sight systems are premium quality thermal imaging, digital optical sights. ELCAN optical sighting technology is advanced and battle-tested. Do make sure to equip your rifle with this sight system so that the rifle can meet your operational requirements.
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