Helen's son is two months old, recently, one of

by:Sinowon     2020-07-04
Do you know what strabismus is? OK, let me explain it, strabismus is often generated by imperfect development of binocular vision because baby has no strong ability to coordinate extraocular muscle so that any unstable factors can lead to the occurrence of strabismus. In the following article, I will introduce how to prevent strabismus. In short, do not to put the things at the fixed place. When babies are just several months old, parents should pay more attention on the prevention of strabismus, they should carefully observe the children's eyes development and change. When babies are fever, parents should enhance care and constantly notice the coordination function of eyes. For the family which has strabismus as the family hereditary disease, parents should take kids to have a check when two years old. As for babies, don't put the items with colorful outward appearance at the fixed location. Otherwise, children have the fixed gazing points because they always look at them with strong curiosity. In daily life, many parents are likely to put one toy at the fixed location in baby carriage, just like what Helen did introduced in the first paragraph, which should be avoided. According to baby development experts, in order to prevent strabismus, the whole room should be decorated with too many colors and not just to decorate one fixed location. In addition, not to put on the desk lamp at night because babies' eyes can be stimulated by the strong light, the light should not be too strong or too weak. When watching TV, in addition to keep the certain distance, parent should not put babies at the same location every time because babies would look at the same direction. For a long time, the development and tension of musculus ocularis are different so as to result in strabismus.
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