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by:Sinowon     2019-12-28
Some tools are needed for every handyman.
Laser range finder must be used
Provide tools for professional builders, specialized DIY or merchants.
The Carpenter also uses it.
Laser Range Finder is available in many workshops.
Hilti has many different laser models in their tool series, including PR 25 rotary laser and PP 10 pipeline laser.
We will specialize in the Hilti 202415 PD 4 laser range finder.
Hilti is one of the world\'s leading companies in the field of electronic and electrical products.
The company is one of the major manufacturers of electric tools for metal processing, carpentry and concrete engineering.
The Hilti tool is known for its durability, reliability and superior quality, and there is no difference in the 202415 PD 4 laser range finder.
Hilti 202415 PD 4 laser range finder is a doublehundred-
Dollar investment and morethousand-dollar benefit.
It is practical and easy to follow the instructions. Single-
The button operation makes the measurement fast and very reliable.
It is designed to meet superior performance and superior durability.
After careful care, it will provide you with reliable service for many years.
This tool is an ideal alternative to many traditional measuring tools.
Traditional measuring equipment, such as ultrasonic equipment, has its own shortcomings, which makes them difficult to use in many cases.
They are inaccurate over long distances and it is time consuming for one person to use them alone.
As long as you aim at the target and press the key, the distance meter can show a distance of up to 30\' with an accuracy of ± 0.
083 inch and speed 0. 3 seconds.
This Hilti laser is small in size, light in weight and compact in structure.
Thanks to the soft grip design, it can be firmly placed in your hands.
Basically, it\'s small enough to put it in your pocket.
Dust and waterproof 100%.
This tool features a rubber case around the laser to help minimize the damage caused by falling.
The Hilti 202415 PD 4 laser range finder is equipped with an automatic backlight of the sensor, allowing you to see the measurement readings even in the dark.
Display the results clearly.
Single and final results can be displayed at the same time due to the three-wire display.
It provides measured readings that are accurate to millimeters.
This avoids the waist as it is only necessary to purchase the exact amount of working material.
The result is time and money savings.
When it comes to fast, reliable and accurate measurements of the interior space, it is an important tool.
All distances cannot be measured at any time, and the area or volume cannot be calculated.
The high ceiling space can be measured by pressing the button with Hilti laser.
A millimeter-accurate reading appears immediately on the display.
The size of the large room containing obstacles can be determined by making two distance measurements.
This means that plans can be made quickly, accurately and easily.
Basically, t is designed to make the work easier and faster.
With this Hilti laser, you can increase the measurement reading by just pressing the button.
The last three readings are saved to the device memory to be called at any time.
Overall, the design and development of Hilti lasers maximize efficiency and save you hours.
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