homemade laser pointer

by:Sinowon     2019-12-31
What I need to do is :-
Laser Diode, I am using a visible red diode, but you can use the color you want (
Or the one you have)-
Voltage Regulator-LM 317
2x10 ohm 1/2w resistor-
1N4001 or somilar diode-
A 100nF capacitor-
A 100ohm potentiometerA push button -The PCB (step 2)-A case (step 4)-
Focus system (steps 5 & 6)
In order to make a suitable driver for the laser diode, as shown in the figure, etching the PCB and soldering the assembly.
Some people only connect LD in series with resistors, but this drive is better (
But more expensive)
The method of using laser diodes.
LM371 changes the voltage used by LD (
I cut the top because it\'s not overheating and I don\'t think I affect how it works)
, Two 10 ohm resistors set in parallel the maximum voltage and current the laser diode will get, the current allows to adjust the output current, the 1N4001 diode protects the LD from negative input when the battery is placed incorrectly, but the LM317 cannot provide a negative voltage, so it may not be necessary to protect the laser diode from the direct power supply, especially when the power is turned on.
This driver is a mixture of what I saw in arround, so let me know if there is anything that should not go there.
I have an old battery and decided to use this battery as the case and plug when I want to use the 9v battery as the power supply.
After opening, if it is new, use the battery inside, don\'t throw it!
I soldered the battery plug to the circuit input to make sure it was polarized correctly.
As I said, I used the old battery as the driver\'s shell and I polished it and I drilled some ventilation holes because I cut the top of the LM317 regulator.
Maybe you like painting it, but I decided to polish the metal.
These two steps are a guide for you as I use the part I have on hand and of course you don\'t, you have to improvise or buy a laser case with its lens.
For the focus system, I used a potential threaded part with its nuts and a lens recycled from a dvd reader.
It\'s not perfect, but it focuses the beam on advertising and it\'s free!
I connect the drive to the laser diode and after making sure it works properly, I insulated the drive with adhesive tape and I introduced it into the housing and glued it, to prevent pulling out with acrylic, but eposey will do better.
The laser housing is hot glued, making it easier to replace the diode.
The laser pointer war is over and ready to be used, and my little brother is now happy with its new pointer and the cat on the street: 3.
If you focus it well, the laser reaches, the material is about $5, made by yourself!
If you like my instutable, please vote for me in Epilog laser
Competition for electronics and battery power.
If I win the laser cutter this probably won\'t happen, I\'ll use it to carve everything I can carve for cutting gears, shells, 123D kits. . .
That\'s great!
Ask me anything you don\'t understand or propose an upgrade. Bye.
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