How about Sinowon logistics distribution system?
The logistics distribution system of Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. includes a wide range of activities which are done for achieving efficient distribution and movement of finished products. To achieve a smooth logistics distribution process, we mainly concentrate on three aspects: Order fulfillment, warehouse management, and transportation management. A complete logistics system brings a number of benefits to us. For example, in terms of order fulfillment, we take care of customers' questions and orders in an efficient manner. This greatly enhances customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty.
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Sinowon is engaged in the research and development of instant measurement system products. The metallurgical equipment is one of the main products of Sinowon. The production process of Sinowon multisensor measuring machine has been greatly improved, from the bulb fabrication, lampshade surface treatment, performance testing, and assembly. The product can be controlled in a motorized way, to eliminate errors caused by manual operation. Once the user has adopted this soft product, they are likely to find that its comfort is as attractive as its color and style. More than 10,000 pcs have been delivered and installed.
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