How can the CMM of the image measuring instrument be modified?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-12

How can the CMM of the image measuring instrument be modified? China began to produce coordinate measuring machines in the 1970s. In these 30 years, the performance of all aspects of the coordinate measuring machine has been greatly developed. Therefore, the previously purchased CMM may not meet the current measurement requirements. We need to convert the three-coordinate measuring machine. The following are the suggestions in a small series of articles. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. 1. The development of science and technology changes with each passing day. Development is very rapid. Even after purchasing more advanced and advanced equipment, it has undergone more than ten years of reforms. It has now been discussed as an old device. The coordinate measuring machine is different from the working machine in that the motor and drive components will not bear excessive load. With good management, hardware life can be maintained for a long time. Therefore, when the hardware changes little, the control system, detection system and software system will be modified, and the same effect as the new device can be obtained. 2. The transformation of CMM is cost-effective, because the transformation of CMM is only for equipment components, such as control systems, probe systems, etc. Therefore, the price of the transformation is usually 10-50 lower than the price of the new machine, which can save costs for the enterprise. 3. There are many manufacturers of image measuring instruments and coordinate measuring machines. Many companies with multiple coordinate measuring machines have multi-brand coordinate measuring machines, so there is an interface in the shared measurement program and data sharing, which increases the workload of the operator and reduces the workload. The measurement efficiency problem after modifying the software system and the control system can solve the above problems, and at the same time, it is convenient for users to manage the coordinate measuring machine.

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