How does the image measuring instrument judge the quality of the image measuring instrument?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-05

How does an image measuring instrument judge the quality of an image measuring instrument? Today, many manufacturers produce image measuring instruments. General manufacturers of image measuring instruments produce two-dimensional image measuring instruments and three-dimensional image measuring instruments. The cost of such image measuring instruments is not very high and does not have to be too technically high. Mature production is relatively simple, and many manufacturers of automatic image measuring instruments are technically immature. Cost is a problem, which makes manufacturers unwilling to produce. Therefore, many consumers are confused and worried about the choice when buying. There are some problems, let us learn how to identify the quality of image measuring instruments. First of all, we usually start with the image of the image measuring instrument to check whether the image is clear and whether the black and white knot is clear. From this point, we can distinguish the quality of image measuring instruments, which is naturally clear. In addition, we can also gently vibrate with our hands beside the machine of the image measuring instrument to view the ratio data of the image measuring instrument. The larger the data, the worse the data. After running a period of data, it will return to the original starting point data, and then we can check whether the repeatability of the image measuring instrument is good. This is very important. This is also an important criterion for determining the quality of image measuring instruments. Especially when selecting and purchasing, the seller must measure the size of the same product multiple times and also use different methods to measure it to see how bad the final data result is.

It can be said that good image measuring instrument data, no matter which method or measurement tool is used, there is no deviation, on the contrary, if the quality is poor, even if the measurement is 100 times and 200 times, the data is not used .

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