How does the image measuring instrument measure rough workpieces?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-05

An image measuring instrument is a precision device that uses optical principles to perform non-contact measurement. It can effectively measure various two-dimensional plane areas. However, the rough surface of the workpiece easily affects the sharpness of imaging. How does the image measuring instrument measure rough workpieces? However, not all workpieces actually measured are smooth. Rough workpieces will cause unclear imaging. Therefore, three methods are usually used: imprinting method, interferometric method and light section method for measurement: 1. Imprinting method: It means to use paraffin wax or some low melting point alloy and other imprinting materials to print the workpiece on the measurement The workpiece surface is then placed under the microscope of the image measuring instrument for measurement. Although this method can provide very good measurement results, it has certain limitations and is mainly suitable for large or heavy workpieces. 2. Interferometry: Refers to the principle of light wave interference using image measuring instruments and then using an interference microscope to measure specific dimensions. 3. Light section method: It is also carried out using the light section principle of the image measuring instrument, and the related measurement is carried out using the double-tube microscope of the equipment.

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