how linear motors have given the packaging industry a boost

by:Sinowon     2020-03-14
Until about 40 years ago, the demand for pneumatic servo systems was still very large.
However, they raised questions such as leaks and individual power supplies for each machine.
In the subsequent stages, the screw machine driven by the cam is gradually replaced by a ball screw actuator.
Finally, the Post-90 s replaced the pneumatic in the electronic assembly machine by stepping and servo ball screw drive.
This change occurs because it requires a lot of programmableposition moves.
Therefore, the position of linear motor is becoming more and more prominent.
The packaging industry has been heavily dependent on pneumatic drives for years.
However, with higher requirements for higher speeds and less downtime, pneumatic drives and high-cycle cylinders have proven ineffective.
As more and more players in the packaging industry look for instant programmable changes --
On this machine, the electric actuator has always been the focus of attention.
No need to set up the electric actuator
It can prove to be a very expensive house pneumatic power plant.
However, what needs to be mentioned here is that the electric ball valve and the early linear motor actuator did not provide much value.
Because the cycle speed is almost the same.
In addition, the cycle life has not improved significantly compared to the old drive technology, and the cost is also higher.
However, over the past decade, with the development of a new generation of linear motors, all these problems have been solved.
Here are some of the main reasons: their speed can match the cam and is significantly higher than the cylinder.
The life of these devices is much higher than that of gas cylinders.
It is comparable to the Cam.
The biggest advantage is that the electric actuator has a programmable adjustable motion profile.
Neither the cam nor the cylinder can boast of this feature.
Repeatable responses are 10 to 20 times better than pneumatic drives.
Customers will benefit from a cost drop of several hundred dollars for electric servo linear motors, which makes it easier for them to approach than before.
They are only a little more expensive than gas cylinders.
However, given their current strengths, they are a huge investment.
There is no need-
House power plant that makes it very simple and easy to use.
By switching to a linear motor, the manufacturer is able to produce higher units in each cycle to achieve higher sales.
With the sales of thousands of linear servo motors, linear servo motors has been able to achieve large-scale economic benefits.
As a result, customers can enjoy competitive prices and unparalleled operational quality.
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