How much does the image measuring instrument do for the headphones used in daily use?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-04

How effective is the image measuring instrument for the headphones used in daily use? 3C electronic products have penetrated into everyone's life. The rise of wireless Bluetooth headsets has become an indispensable assistant. The quality of headsets not only affects the use of functions, but also plays an important role in people's hearing health. Of course, the quality of the earphone cannot be separated from the tightness of the image measuring instrument. The quality of the earphone is mainly related to the diaphragm. The distance, thickness, length, width, diameter, unevenness and depth of the diaphragm determine the quality of the diaphragm. The diaphragm passes through Accurate measurement, and the detection of each size is carried out along the axis, every day and night every 0.01 micron, just to ensure the quality of the headset, to bring consumers an auditory feast. If you think that the image measuring instrument can only measure products of a certain size, that is wrong. Multifunction machine is its characteristic. In addition to the diaphragm, the image measuring instrument can also detect the protective cover, magic magnetic double diaphragm, voice coil, magnetic tube, magnetic ring, flange, PCB version, etc., using CCD high-definition lens to quickly capture the traditional 2D size, spacing , Radian, thickness, etc., the data is accurate, the measurement speed is fast, and the product is not damaged. Processing: Put the earphone assembly into the workbench of the image measuring instrument, perform high-magnification imaging through the electric stepless zoom lens, and then send the enlarged part image to the computer by the CCD camera system. The outline and surface shape of the earphone are easy to measure.

The purchase of an image measuring instrument mainly depends on the accuracy of the product's measurement size and the degree of speed matching. Choosing a suitable one can give full play to this function. There are four basic elements for selecting a two-dimensional image measuring instrument for precision measuring instruments: 1. Working stroke; 2. Accuracy standards; 3. Instrument functions; 4. After-sales service. The working stroke of the image measuring instrument must refer to the size of the product to be measured by the factory to determine the working stroke of the instrument. If the working stroke of the instrument is too small compared to the measured product, the workpiece cannot be measured.

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