how to build your own projection microscope with a syringe, laser pointer, and drop of water

by:Sinowon     2020-04-23
Have you ever thought about what kind of tiny creatures are floating in your water?
Well, the answer can be found with just a few dollars of material and a laser indicator. Really.
This is all you need to build your own homemade laser projection microscope, which is the water drop projector.
Some of the materials made their stand with foam or wood.
As long as it can support the syringe, there should be no problem.
Step 1: stand together.
It should have a stable base and extend to a height sufficient to accommodate an upright syringe.
Then, point the syringe down to your bracket with tape or other means.
Make sure to leave enough space for the laser indicator below.
You will shine the laser by a drop of water hanging from the bottom of the needle, so build accordingly.
Here\'s a more complex version: Step 2: Hold the syringe against it with some dirty water.
The dirtier the water, the cooler the final effect will be.
Then, press the top very slowly until a drop of water hangs from the top.
Step 3: Finally, put your laser pointer across the water on the blank wall.
Adjust the needle and laser to make them as close as possible, and the laser is centered on water droplets.
Adjust the settings until the large image is projected.
What you see moving is actually tiny creatures living in the water!
For an example of a laser microscope in operation, please check the video below.
You may know that a laser in green or red can work.
The last optional step is to find a cat and surprise it with this scientific technique.
The site of the original creator Teravolt is no longer valid, but you can read some of his quick notes here.
To get a more refined version inspired by Teravolt\'s original building, check out Sean Michael Lagen\'s DIY Laser Projection microscope.
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