How to choose an image measuring instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-05-14

At present, there are a mixture of measuring instruments and equipment in the domestic and foreign markets. How to choose an image measuring instrument with high efficiency and better performance is a problem that users are more concerned about. Four basic elements should be grasped during the purchasing process:

1. Work schedule

How to choose For the image measuring instrument, you must first understand the size of the workpiece you need to measure. The working stroke of the imager must refer to the size of the product to be measured by the factory to determine the working stroke of the machine. If the working stroke of the measuring instrument is too small compared to the size of the measured product, the workpiece will be measured. (Working stroke of the image measuring instrument It is directly related to the sales price).

2. Accuracy standard

The accuracy standard of the image measuring instrument is to purchase according to the accuracy of the products measured by the factory (the product standard of each instrument manufacturer is The assembly standard and even the accuracy of the actual instrument will be different. If the measurement accuracy of the factory product is not high, you can choose the instrument of the general manufacturer. If the accuracy of the measured product is high, you need to buy an instrument with high accuracy. Related instruments produced by the manufacturer.

3. Instrument function

The function of the image measuring instrument refers to the ease of use of the image instrument, the ease of learning and use of the measurement software, and the stability of the instrument. If the volume of products is relatively large, it is better to choose a fully automatic image measuring instrument to ensure measurement efficiency, and to choose self-developed software in order to obtain better compatibility and upgrade speed.

4. After-sales service

The cost-effectiveness of the image measuring instrument must be comprehensively considered from the configuration, accuracy, stability, price, after-sales service or convenience of maintenance of the instrument. Inexpensive instruments may have poor accuracy, poor stability, no after-sales guarantee, and short service life; imported measuring instruments may have relatively stable performance and long service life, but the instrument is troublesome to upgrade, and the cost of repairing if failure is high, repairing parts It's not easy to find. So be sure to find a regular manufacturer, the instrument is guaranteed after sale. Considering the price of after-sales service, domestic brands have more advantages.

The last point: choose a suitable manufacturer, if conditions permit, you can choose to conduct a field visit

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