How to choose the fixture on the electronic universal testing machine?

by:Sinowon     2021-07-08
How to choose the fixture on the electronic universal testing machine?
 Testing machine fixture is a device used to fix the test object in the process of product quality inspection, so that it occupies the correct position to accept the test. It is an indispensable part of the electronic universal testing machine. According to different test methods, the fixtures can be roughly divided into: tensile fixtures, compression fixtures, bending fixtures, peeling fixtures, shearing fixtures, tensile shearing fixtures, bursting, puncturing fixtures and other fixtures according to the structure :It can be divided into: rotary clamp, wedge clamp, pair clamp clamp, winding clamp, eccentric clamp, lever clamp, shoulder clamp, bolt clamp, 90°, 180° peeling clamp, etc. Fixtures are divided by purpose: geotextile tensile fixture, cord tensile fixture, wire tensile fixture, woven bag tensile fixture, wire tensile fixture, rubber sheet tensile fixture, steel strand tensile and torsion fixture, spring Tensile fixtures, man-made board tensile, compression, and bending fixtures, thermal insulation material tensile fixtures, pipe tensile and compression fixtures, etc. How to choose a fixture is usually judged from the following three points:  1. Whether the fixture is convenient and safe to use. 2. Whether the clamping is reliable and there should be no slipping. 3. During the test, the sample breaks well. Data dispersion is small. (I.e. the sample is constantly jaw, inside jaw, parallel section or outside gauge length)

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