How to choose the right light source for the two-dimensional measuring instrument?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-17
How to choose the right light source for the second element measuring instrument? Publication time: 2019-11-19 Source: https://www.microaccuracy.com/ The second element measuring instrument uses non-contact optical measurement, so the light source is very important for the clarity of the lens grasping the size of the workpiece, so there is no choice The light source can easily affect the measurement accuracy, so how to choose the right light source for the two-dimensional measuring instrument? The light source system is an important part of the two-dimensional measuring instrument, which affects the clarity of equipment imaging. At present, the light source system mainly includes three types of coaxial light, contour light, and surface ring light. The characteristics of different light sources are different. For workpieces, different sizes of inspections, and different accuracy requirements, you need to find a suitable light source: Coaxial light: mainly used for measuring high reflectivity workpieces. Choose a coaxial surface light source to get a good observation effect of various workpieces. The boundaries are clear. It can easily measure the cross-section of the hole depth and thickness, such as the width measurement of the cylindrical ring groove, the thread profile measurement, etc. Contour light: This is a commonly used parallel light source for two-dimensional measuring instruments. It mainly measures some contours and through holes to avoid eye damage. The specific adjustment parameters should be adjusted according to the workpiece product and inspection requirements. Surface ring light: It is mainly the measurement of the surface size of the workpiece and some blind holes and bosses by the two-dimensional measuring instrument. The surface light is on the same side of the camera and provides illumination through the diffuse reflection surface. Nowadays, surface illumination with multiple directions and angles of incidence . There are several commonly used light sources for the above-mentioned two-dimensional measuring instruments. Only by selecting a suitable light source according to the characteristics of the measurement workpiece can the imaging be clearer and the measurement accuracy can be improved. The above is the measurement information shared by Miaoji Technology. At present, Miaoji can provide a variety of high-quality two-dimensional measuring instruments, one-button measuring instruments and other precision measuring equipment. Customers in need are welcome to contact us!
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